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Free Photoshop Chain Brush

A little something I knocked up that I decided to give away.

Basically it's just a linked chain that has variable width dependant on pen pressure and follows the direction you're drawing in, so it remains unbroken (provided you don't vary the width/pressure excessively and avoid 'sharp turns' with the pen/mouse)

Made in CS3.
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Muchas gracias

Where is the download part😭🙁

Thanks for the chain brush!

Hey I am new to Devi, how do I download the chain brush?

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On the right, click where it says "download". Make sure you have deactivated add-blocker and similar plugins.

Why there is only report part for me😭🤔

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That's strange! I'm afraid I don't know how to help. I hope the author sees your message and is able to fix the problem for you.

How do I download images, someone help.

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I cannot get this brush to go in the direction that I'm drawing. The links go in the same direction, they do not follow the direction of my brush. 

Found the solution. You need to go into Brush Settings, click on Shape Dynamics.

In Shape Dynamics, Open up the Angle Jitter Control and choose, "Direction" (the last on the list. Now it should work perfectly. If there's too much space, just go into Brush Tip Shape and adjust the spacing. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I was able to find the fix from a friend.
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Thanks for the brush GOD bless
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Thanks so much for the brush. :)
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Thank you for sharing your lovely stock!
used here: The Light by Evergreen1127
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❥❥❥❥★¸ƮӇƛƝҚ ӋƠƲ ŞƠ Vєяу ӍƲƇӇ¸★ ❥❥❥❥
used here  Woman in chains by AlexGunpowder  great brush!
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