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^oh wow lookit the size of that thing 8D

I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS, becuz time iz munny and vice versa. COMMISSION INFO: Please check out my rates and guidelines here:

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Half Baked, The Matrix, Thief and The Cobbler: Recobbled
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Jimi Hendrix
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Sly Cooper Series
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pen, pencil, sharpie
Thanks to everyone for the notes and duckets! If I couldn't get to ya this time, hopefully will next time. In any case, super excited to put this next batch together! =D Cue: 1 Bakuryu2011 - completed 2 Fist13 - completed 3 Cornchip21 - completed 4 Blackie94 - completed 5 XXXPaws - completed 6 RedMoai - completed 7 LCQTim - completed 8 dragonborn1999 - completed 9 OtherACCC - completed 10 Shade11 - completed 11 sethkeidashi - completed
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Exactly what it says on the tin, I'mma reopenin' said commissions agin Commission info: If interested, hit me with them notes =)
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Great Googally Moogally, O_____o;; Had an overwhelmingly large flood of notes for commissions, I thank you all for your inquiries. To those I couldn't get to, I may be reopening in August, time permitting. Commission Rotation is as follows: 1 - Unknown12x - COMPLETED 2 - IrkinGIR - COMPLETED 3 - WillowsBuggy - COMPLETED 4 - 50percentgrey - COMPLETED 5 - RedMOAI - COMPLETED 6 - ckkc - COMPLETED 7 - DaBlackX - COMPLETED 8 - FishyWashy - COMPLETED 9 - MetalMario69 - COMPLETED 10 - Dandarkheart - COMPLETED 11 - Sethkeidashi - COMPLETED 12 - OnyxCenturion - COMPLETED
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Hey, friend! I sent you a Note...

Please answer me 😊🙏

Here, have a llama! -throws huge bleating llama at you-

Happy Birthday

Hey thanks a bunch =)

Don't suppose there's a way to access your commission info?

Just outta curiosity for future reference. The link provided doesn't seem to wanna work for some reason.


Hey try this one, I've been here like 19 years and nothing works no more xD

I'm offering commissions!
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