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A painting I did of Link and Midna from zelda twilight princess to test out my new intuos 4 tablet wooo.
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Love that devilish grin.
A Beautiful Rendering! You are a Wonderful Artist!
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The composition works so good! Link looks amazing!
Midna's face looks a little to big, especially her mouth, but she always has a big grin!
Great Job!
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Beautiful drawing of them ^^ 
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Luv Midna, great pic here, especially on her expression.
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This is a fantastic piece of work. By the way i don't know if you knew this or someone told you but either game informer or nintendo power put this in one of their Issues. Besides that this game is amazing but sadly can't play it anymore because my GC can't read it anymore for some reason.
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Midna looks..... not okay...
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Ah, I adore your style of this. The colors are perfect with it. Love. :D
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Hey, I saw this in my old Nintendo Power book!! ^^
You're so good! And they actually featured it in the magazine! :O
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What program did you use? This is amazing!!!
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awwww! I love this!! :) you are a good drawer my friend. I love link and also Minda
Are you selling this or copies of this by any chance?
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Hi!! Not sure im legally allowed to! If you want a high resolution version i can send it to you to print. I just have to make sure i still have it since i painted this a few years ago
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oh god, i love it sooo much! Do you allways use Photoshop?
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Great! I love the bright colors, it looks so vivid and beautiful, great job!
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Wow, so beautiful!
Amazing colors
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lool .. Cool! ^^
If you favorite my work, do your best to see the rest of my gallery too!
Or my ninjas will get you. :yakuza:
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