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Thanks to everyone's support on my YouTube account (as well as some friendly advice by fellow user and new friend, GojiFan1993,) I am now a member of Patreon! Feel free to check out my profile if your curious (Or watch the video...)
After much thought, and since I'm always in need for money, I have decided that I will be taking art commissions on here. Here are the guidelines for ordering commissions, as well as some rules for as to what I WILL and WON'T draw or post on here:



$10 - COLORED……


$+2 extra for additional characters


Here's something new that I thought I'd test out... GahAF Stills. Because I am the creator of the series, "Godzilla and his Amazing Friends" (a stop-motion series of videos I put on YouTube,) the main technique to making this series is a combination of photography, photoshop, and video editing. Because I have quite the following on this show on YouTube and Facebook (not to toot my own horn,) I figured I'd reach out to make a possible fanbase on here. Because certain monsters will NOT be appearing in the series (I will not be stating who) this commission option is available to anyone who fears a certain monster will NOT appear in the series. I will take a photo of any particular monster from the Godzilla, Gamera, or Ultraman series and turn it into a manipulated photo/screencap of a scene that would make it look like it came from the series. The only limitation to this option is if I have a figure of the monster or not.

A still costs $5. If exceeding 7 characters however, the price may go up.


1. Payments for commissions are through Paypal ONLY (payment format as $USD).
2. Payments are to be made right from the start to ensure the commission's completion.
3. No nudity.
4. Nothing sexual (this includes yaoi and yuri).
5. Nothing fetish-related (tickling has the strongest possibility for stuff I will draw of that nature, but ONLY if I think it's cute).
6. I have the right to decline any commission I don't wish to draw seeing as I am the one drawing them in the first place.
7. Commissions can take anywhere between a day to possibly a month. If a commission cannot be done after one month of the order being placed, the payment will be refunded fully.
8. My favorite fandoms include but are not limited to:
    -Kaiju (Godzilla, Ultraman, Gamera, etc.)
    -Super Mario
    -Ben 10
    -Dragon Ball Z
    -How to Train your Dragon
    -Steven Universe
    -Crossover art
Any art of these fandoms are generally my favored.


Because of work on Godzilla and his Amazing Friends on YouTube, my art skills have rusted considerably over the years. As a result, I will be taking commissions one-at-a-time until I can better work on my skills


Been thinking lately about starting commissions... Would anyone be interested in ordering any if I do?
Here's my ongoing series on YouTube known as "Godzilla and his Amazing Friends," the show is a throwback to the old showa godzilla series in which Godzilla and his friends, Anguirus, Rodan, and more get into some prediciments that need solving, in the only way they know how. Here is the  list of episodes so far:

Season 1

Season 2
18. Coming Soon!
19. TBA
20. TBA
21. TBA
22. TBA
23. TBA
24. TBA
25. TBA
26. TBA

Behind-the-Scenes =…

Hope you enjoy!

Also, I'm still taking commissions! Please read here for more information:…
Godzilla and his Amazing Friends is reaching its season finale. As a result, I have setup a poll for fans of the show to decide who their favorite monster/episode was in the series so far. Feel free to vote too!…


Golza =…
Gudon =…
Neronga =…
Bemular =…
Mukadender =…
Kelbeam =……………
These videos speaks for itself of what I/we're going through...

Well, summer has sadly come to a close for me and now it's back onto college. This will be my final semester and so I enter hastly.

Also for those of you living in the U.S. that know about the Hurricane Hysteria. I am alive and have suvived Hurricane Irene. The only damage we suffered was a temporary blackout and some trees that fell on our golf course. Aside from that, we're safe and things are turning back to normal.

How shocking is it that this happens the day I come back from G-Fest...

Short after coming home, our area was hit with a squall thunderstorm. The wind gusts of the storm almost knocked an enourmous tree onto of our house (It was big enough to crush my room!) Luckily our insurance was able to cover it and the tree was cut to bits.

HOWEVER as the insurance people came over to take care of the tree, they accidentally knocked the wire that handles our connections out of our house (a.k.a. - No phone, cable, or internet.) Today our cable company came over and fixed the wire so now things are back to normal.

All I can say to this all is = Spooky.

Chatting place:…
Well I'm back home from G-Fest and DAMN was it AWESOME!!!!

I got to meet and spend the day with my friends, NickJownz and Deadzilla and I bought an awesome amount of stuff! Hopefully I can make a big picture piece of some of the highlights of my time there. Until then, it's back to normality... Unfortunately...

My chatting place:…
It's 106 miles to Chicago
We've got a full tank of gas
Half a pack of cigarettes
It's dark
And we're wearing sunglasses


Will be back Sunday afternoon!
So it appear I've been tagged by :iconsonic4465: So here my entry...

x- Rules -x-

1. Pick 5 friends of yours and find a suiting song for them.
2. If you are a picked friend, you have to do this meme. ( You don't have to do it again if you're picked twice)
3. Have fun!

And the people I tag are:

:iconsonic4465: - The opening to "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"…
:iconnightwolf2008: - Pikkon's Theme from DBZ…
:iconjango-zilla: - The Transformers theme…
:iconkawaii-desu-chan69: - Nyan Cat…
:icongodzilla-2000: "I'm an Asshole" by Denis Leray…

My chatting place:…
Well good news, this semester of college just ended for me. The Bad News, so did my access to a scanner... Back to boredom, but now I have more time to work on Godzilla and his Amazing Friends

My chatting place:…
So now that my previous scanner is incompatible to Windows 7, I've been scrambling to find a place to scan/edit my art, then I found something in my library... an unrestricted scanner! Could this mean I'll FINALLY be able to scan some pictures again?! Time will tell!

My chatting place:…
To get my mind off not having a scanner and this depression I have been bombarded with, here is my entry for :iconcometpunk:'s contest:

The Rules:
X You must post these rules.
X Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
X You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
X Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
X No tag backs.

1. I have autism/asperger syndrome.

2. I am a Godzilla/Ultraman/Gamera fan, and I'm making a webseries on YouTube for you kaiju fans, "Godzilla and his Amazing Friends"

3. Coinciding with Fact #2, I am Goji73 of YouTube.  

4. I collect toys, and they HATE me. :( (Go watch my reviews on YouTube to see why)

5. Being a sonic fan, I support SonicXElise as friends despite the flames I must combat to protect it, as well as being the owner of a group about it.

6. My OC, Big Johnny Cool is a reality-altering, half-god. THAT is COOL.

7. I have an awesome, beardly beard and I whip it back-and-forth to level cities and countrysides with it.

8. I am an anti-hypno fetish fag. Meaning I FUCKING HATE KAA AND ALL THS GODDAMN ART ON HIM ON DA (Note how I say I hate Kaa, not the Jungle Book, it's still a fun movie.)

9. I drive a red car.

10. I have a second account/identity on DA.

And now I tag:

1. :iconnightwolf2008:
2. :iconjango-zilla:
3. :icongodzilla-2000:
4. :iconm-seijin:
5. :iconlinziefey:
6. :iconkaijux:
7. :iconkingcaesar09:
8. :iconmikespikester11:
9. :iconkawaii-desu-chan69:
10. :iconmonkiesonunicyclesxd:

Please do the same and send me the link on the comments of it. I would like to read your facts.

I hope she likes my facts!
My grandmother has died today.
Back to DA renovating.

Storing pictures/bases until I get the attention I deserve.
(a.k.a. - My "REAL" art now goes out to my YouTube page, Goji73 =

Also I chat in here:…
Today on this day of February 17th, the Earth spins around me, because today IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Great Friends:

(Everyone who doesn't wish me a birthday in time)
It will happen on February 17th

I hate the new feature known as storage, it's an eyesore and a nuisense to say the least. HOWEVER I have strayed into those waters to store some pictures that doesn't need so much praise:

--Godzilla Charcoal Picture
--Mario vs. Chun-Li
--Cousins will be cousins

If it's any of the pictures on my account that gets the most attention, it's these. None of the pictures I've drawn get nearly as much attention as these pictures which pisses me off. As a result, I have stored away them away. Other pictures that get more praise that I didn't do will be stored in the near future so foddle and grope them as much as you want because you won't be seeing them again soon.

My art deserves more attention and not something that was faked. I see enough yaoi shit on the groups I join just to get my art noticed and I think I've put up with enough ignorance on this site to stay here... PLUS since it's official that Godzilla and his Amazing Friends will not be appearing on DA due to the dicks who can't patrol the site for the "restricted copyrighting" they say is illegal, I need some serious attention here.

My tolerence for this site is slowly wearing thin...

I now keep myself entertained by talking in this chat:…
It is now 2011, and still no progress

--No scanner
--No tablet (or experience)
--Little to No contribution to :iconsonicxelise-club:
--Groups that don't show me proper acknowledgement and instead flood me with yaoi shit.

HOWEVER, something else has caught my attention...

Apparently, DeviantART has now added the addition of a film catergory for submitting artwork. This would be REALLY great for me due to my current position of working on episodes of Godzilla and his Amazing Friends.

Unfortunately, the contract forbids copyrighted music or photos in the film. I believe this is Bullshit since another user/friend of mine has posted videos containing copyrighted films and yet they're on DA too, so there must be something behind this...

Whatever the case, I would love to have my series be posted on DA, since it's the only thing I can do currently on DA without spending money for it. Until then, you can still watch them on YouTube or DailyMotion

Also, I've been keeping myself entertained by talking in this chat!:…