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Like Bowser and Donkey Kong. Knuckles is a Powerhouse. But unlike both of them, he is the smallest and thus is very nimble. On the ground, Knuckles's strength is devastating, but they are considerably weaker in the air.


A - Double Punch Combo
- Swings with a jab punch, then thrusts with an uppercut punch as a short combo.

Side A
- Deals a stronger hit with his fist.

Up A
- Punches upwards.

Down A
- Does a punch towards an opponents legs

Dash A - Screwdriver
- Knuckles runs forward and spins around rapidly, striking the opponent with a barrage of punches.

Ledge Attack
- Pulls himself back and does a Swing Punch forward

Get-up Attack
- Gets up and slams his fists on the ground, causing a shockwave to anyone close-up

Side Smash - Punch Attack
- Knuckles swings his fist forward. It comically gets big and is drill-shaped for a split-second (taken from Sonic Adventure DX)

Up Smash - Fire Punch Attack
- Knuckles does a spinning punch upwards, followed by a trail of fire.

Down Smash - Volcano Punch Attack
- Knuckles punches the ground so hard that a burst of Lava blasts up from the ground


Air A
- Swings a punch in the air.

Air Front A
- Spins around rapidly, striking the opponent with a barrage of punches.

Air Back A
- Leans back and tries to punch anyone behind him with one fist.

Air Up A
- Thrusts upwards with one fist.

Air Down A
- Dives downward while spinning around rapidly, striking the opponent with a barrage of punches.


Standard Special - Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack
- Knuckles stores up energy by growling. Once his Charging Meter reaches Max. Knuckles rushes Forward with a barrage of rapid punches and finishes off with a Superpowered Punch. As an easter egg, when Knuckles is at Max Power, his gloves turn yellow with green cuffs.

Side Special - Boulder Throw
- Knuckles unearths a Giant Boulder and hurls it forward at his opponent (Like King Dedede's Side Special, but one bounce, and bigger sized)

Up Special - Spiral Upper
- Knuckles spins around rapidly with his fists in the air, catching anyone in his path with a barrage of punches. (Like Wario's Up Special, but with more height)

Down Special - Spin Dash
- Like Sonic, Knuckles dashes forward while in a ball. His speed is slowly, but it is stronger than Sonic's Spin Dash.

Final Smash - Super Knuckles Transformation
- Like Sonic, Knuckles wipes out the 7 Chaos Emeralds and transforms into "Super Knuckles." As Super Knuckles, he plays the same as before, but now his power and speed are dramatically increased. He is also invulnerable to damage, and cannot be flinched. The transformation however is only temporary and after a short period of time, Knuckles reverts back to normal.


- Reaches forward and grabs with both hands

- Punches opponent

Front Throw
- Spins around once and hurls opponent forward

Back Throw
- Spins around once and hurls opponent in the opposite direction

Up Throw
- Tosses the opponent up and barrages the opponent with punches before kicking him/her away

Down Throw
- Slams foe down and sledgehammers them with both fists


- Sonic's head

- Bursts up from Underground with his Shovel Claws and then prepares for battle

Up Taunt
- Briefly pulls out a Power Ring and twirls it before snatching it and stashing it back away
Side Taunt
- Punches his Knuckles together and grunts fiercely
Down Taunt
- Crosses his arms and snickers spitefully

Victory Poses
- Punches twice and states "I am one with the Master Emerald."
- Punches his fists together and holds a fist out towards the viewer with a confident smile (His Sonic Advance 2 menu pose)
- Punches several times before looking at the viewer and scoffing in disapproval

- Normal Red Fur with white gloves and green socks (Red)
- Socks and gloves are Blue, and Fur has a slightly more blueish hue (Blue)
- Socks and gloves are Green, and Fur has a slightly more greenish hue (Green)
- Socks and gloves are Yellow, and Fur has a slightly more Orange hue (Yellow)
- Socks and gloves are Black, and Fur is slightly more darker than usual
- Socks and gloves are Green and White (like normal,) but Fur is Pink
- Normal Red Fur with white gloves and green socks, but also wearing a Cowboy Hat
- Normal Red Fur with white gloves and green socks, but with white and dress stripes painted on his dreads


Character Cinematic
A cinematic montage is seen of Mario and Sonic fighting each other. During the Montage, the focus seems to be directed on Sonic the Hedgehog as he battles against Mario. During the fight however, Donkey Kong suddenly appears and tries to ambush Sonic during his fight with Mario. Donkey Kong and Mario look at each other briefly before smiling and nodding towards one another before turning to face Sonic, now as a 2-on-1 attack. Now Sonic is outnumbered and proceeds to get trashed by the combined forces of Mario and Donkey Kong.

While Sonic is getting beaten up however, the scene gains a greenish hue and the scene pans back to reveal that the fight is being viewed from within the Master Emerald, with an unknown person watching the fight (with only his shoes being the only visible indicator of who he is). Then while watching the fight, the mysterious fighter flees from the Master Emerald's alter and hops off of Angel Island, only for the view to discover that Sonic's fight is taking place right underneath Angel Island itself.

Sonic now looks weakened as he tries to get back up from being beaten up by Mario and Donkey Kong. Suddenly just as Mario and Donkey Kong go for the finishing blow, a spiked fist strikes Mario, sending him flying off into the distance. Donkey Kong is shocked as he turns to see Mario sent flying away, only for him to be upper-cutted by the same spiked fist as before, which sends him flying as well. Sonic looks up at his savior and gasps as the mysterious fighter emerges from the shadow to reveal that it is none other than Knuckles the Echidna. as A subtitle then appears next to him that reads:

Knuckles gets cracking!

A montage of Knuckles's abilities are seen for the rest of the cinematic while "Unknown from M.E." is heard playing over the montage.

After the game's title screen disappears, Knuckles retains his position while Sonic gets back to his feet and smirks at Knuckles saving him. Knuckles then turns his head and looks back at Sonic without changing his fierce expression. Knuckles then turns to face Sonic, revealing that he wanted to fight Sonic instead, which Sonic re-positions himself to re-engage back with his rival. Sonic and Knuckles then charge at one another as the scene then cuts to black, leaving the battle on a cliff-hanger.


Palutena's Guidance

Pit: What happened to Sonic? He turned Red!
Viridi: That's because it isn't Sonic, genius!
Palutena: That would be Knuckles the Echidna.
Pit: Oh, okay. Man, the animals in Sonic's universe are Weird-looking.
Viridi: You're one to talk Pit! I've seen Animals that make you look like you'd come from a circus act!
Palutena: He's definitely a "frenemy" of Sonic's, that's for sure.
Pit: Wait, him and Sonic fight even though their friends?!
Palutena: It's complicated. But one thing that definitely tells them apart is that while Knuckles isn't as fast as Sonic, he makes up for his lack of speed with his Massive Power.
Viridi: Basically, Sonic has Super Speed, but Knuckles has Super Strength!
Palutena: Definitely take advantage of his lack of speed but keep sharp Pit. He may be small, but if he gets you off-guard with any of his punches, he'll pack a Wallop.
Pit: What's with those weird looking spikes on his hands? Is he even allowed to use those?!
Viridi: Well how else do you expect him to protect that oversized Emerald of his?
Pit: I guess you could say he's likes giving out "Knuckle Sandwiches!"

*Palutena and Viridi groan in unison*

Pit: What? That was funny! Pit too would get it...
I made another possible character moveset for the new Smash Bros games for Wii U and 3DS this time of the Sonic character, Knuckles the Echidna. I hope you all like this!

This time, I added "Palutena's Guidance" to the lineup since it's an easter egg in the game that I thought I'd take a shot at.
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SwindonSudrian Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, he almost had that kind of moveset in the acclaimed Project M where he, Issac from Golden Sun and Lynn from Fire Emblem were going to be included in a new update, but unfortunately that did not take long for putting PM at rest and moving on from it.
TailsRox Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting.  Though I'd rather they don't put Knuckles in the game without at least putting in Tails- and I think 1 Sonic character is enough anyway- I like the moveset.  Like the concepts here though.  Anything with fire attacks gets my approval
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A lot better then having the duck hunt dog in the roster
TailsRox Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, for real?  He's a classic Nintendo character, and he was implemented in the game very creatively.
BigJohnnyCool Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015
Even though I don't play with Duck Hunt myself, I thought the character was actually rather creative. It took advantage of every zapper game from the NES released and compiled it into the one character who made it famous, much like how R.O.B. was a character whose moveset was from a compilation of games (or in this case, only 2).
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I understand it's just that I personally don't like the duck hunt dog and I'm just a little pissed that Nintendo didn't even bother to put in character's like

King K. Rool
Or even Eggman in the line hell I would've been cool if they put lord Betreyus from Ghostly Adventures or even Buck Bumble in SSB.
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