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Profile and poses by BigJohnnyCool Profile and poses by BigJohnnyCool
Here's some poses of my character along with a little more data on him if you'd like to know

If you've heard of the term "full of surprises," look no further than the to the master of mindfuck, the always delightfully sadistic psychopath, he's big, he's cool, he's BIG JOHNNY COOL.

A reality-altering demigod that reincarnated for thousands of years and with it lost everything his mind has bouncing around inside his head, Big Johnny Cool (also known as  "BJC, The Big JC, Big Johnny C, BJ Cool, etc.") is always looking for any form of self-entertainment at anyone's expense, be it messing with people, high authority, or even his own friends. His powers range from being as wacky as those of the Mask and Discord, to being as confusing as Haruhi Suzumiya, to being as epic as Hancock or your typical DBZ character. Behind the sunglasses that BJC wears are two "seem holes," holes where his eyes would be that his skin never finished forming. In their places is what can only be seen of his true form: A being of omnipotent power and in possession of endless God-like energy that when exposed to a mortal would be fatal on contact. (Think the ark of the covenant scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark to get an idea of what I'm talking about.)

BJC is a major show-off. He can also be juvenile, reckless, hyperactive, and just a complete and total nut most of the time, but deep down BJC truly cares for his friends and will not hesitant to go Freddy Kruger on anyone stupid enough to piss him off, or head over heels to show how affectionate he is for the friendship he had gained. BJC hides and incredibly dark secret he refers to as his "trophy room" and uses this ruse to go out and add to his collection, which to this day remains a secret. We would know what it was if one little pony hadn't beaten him to the punch and made him look like some cheap knock-off idea. He also has a great hatred for anyone who uses hypnosis, which may be a clue to the secrets he hides and why he refers to himself as "delightfully psychotic."
Kawaii-Kat-Kat Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007
OMG Awesome! I like your character! I'm gonna have to draw him some time! :D
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June 22, 2007
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