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Disney's Kaa sucks (anti-hypno fetish) by BigJohnnyCool Disney's Kaa sucks (anti-hypno fetish) by BigJohnnyCool
WARNING: Anti-Fetish material

I'm usually okay with Disney's love for butchering stories beyond all reason for the sake of family entertainment, but the only reason I hate about Disney's version of The Jungle Book is right here in a metaphorical sense:

I've read several reviews and stories about Kipling's work on the ORIGINAL Jungle Book and quite frankly Kaa's original role should have been the one thing that should've stayed the same. A teacher and good friend of the man-cub and he has also even saved him by eating evil monkeys and dholes.

And here on DeviantART, people are turning him into a REALLY creepy fetish art mascot and a pedophile. Needless to say, it isn't, nor will it EVER be my cup of tea, and for that reason, it has ruined the Jungle Book for me for what will most likely be, years to come. Original Kaa is awesome, and now these people have turned Disney's Kaa into a pervert. Thanks guys, thanks a lot.

Kaa and Mowgli are (C) characters of Kipling's works

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February 4, 2010
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