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Deep within the mountain dwells a beast of might and power,
to whom is feared by many as it lives on by the hour.
Its skin is textured both rough and hard, its claws are sharp and gritty,
Its eyes are green and glowing, and its stare would make you giddy.
“A monster lurks” the people say as they look up into the sky.
Fearing that death is coming, damned themselves by screaming “WHY?!”

But from the top of the mountains, a different story is told,
of creatures that kill for pleasure that had lived since days of old.
Small they may be but to look may deceive, as insects are much like the same,
those creatures of earth don’t care about us; instead they do nothing but mame.
“That is why we don’t live in harmony” said a monster from the sky.
“It’s conflict and judgment that divides us from living together, but why?”
Chapter 5 of "The Tales of Big Johnny Cool"

Another poem!
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March 7, 2009
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