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It was a cold, autumn afternoon. My school routine has ended for the weekend with its usual dose. I simply sit there gaining more and more knowledge. Now with school over for this week, I can finally pick back up on what I love to do best...

I stood there in my room exhausted but relieved. I dropped my backpack on the floor of my room and went about simply typing and blogging on my computer. Nothing ever changes on the places I go, just some little updates here and there. No messages or acknowledgements on any of my Artwork today, but whenever there is it’s usually minimal. My Videos are usually what gets the most attention of anything I make.

I went downstairs to get a glass of water, only to be greeted usually by my sister’s over-ecstatic pet dog. He’s okay I guess, but when he puts his sharp, clawed paws on you out of affection then it really aggravates me. “Stay down!” I said to him as he tried to jump up again at me (he’s roughly about the same size as me.)

I soon returned to my ‘domain’ just as my sister walked in through the door. “Hey” I lazily mumbled as I walked back up the stairs only to have her respond in the same fashion.

That’s just about all I do when I get home from school, just the same every day. I’m glad however; change is never something I take to lightly most of the time. I’m happy the way I currently am, with no worries… That is until the topics on college that is. Nighttime however has a more different story.

It has been stated by my relatives that dreams are usually randomly transmitted messages of what’s happened today or in the past. I never have any good dreams anyways, they’re usually “nightmares” (to me anyways,) sad, or just don’t make any sense whatsoever. It’s also hard for me to find a good position to sleep in, especially since my asthma acts up the most around this time of year.

And so here I am, tossing and turning endlessly and annoyingly trying to find a decent and comfortable position to fall asleep in. I sometimes glance at the clock to see how long I’ve been doing this. It was 1:00 AM in the morning (thank god it’s the weekend). Finally, I don’t know how and when I did it, but I believe I had finally gone to sleep.

Expecting another random, sad, or scary event would likely take place, I just stood there waiting for something to happen. Eventually, I believe I saw a bright white flash right in front of my eyes. Then I entered this strange new world that shockingly resembled that of one of the cities in my home area.

Suddenly, I noticed something different in this dream I don’t usually have with any of the others. I had full control of my body! Usually, it’s my dreams that control me but this time it was the other way around! I looked at my wiggling fingers and hands courtesy of my own control over them. Then I heard something…

“Feels good don’t it?” asked a voiced from behind me.

I quickly turned are and there he stood. A man with a Red Hat, in a Red Suit with Black Stripes. A creation of my own from my art, it was Big Johnny Cool.
I stared at him in shock and disbelief not knowing what to expect seeing my own creation standing in front of me asking me how it feels to actually have control in a dream

Then he gave me a puzzled look by tilting his head to one side and asking in his beatnik accent “You okay man?”

Finally I began to speak “A... W-what’s goin’ on here?”

“Yo sleepin’” he replied, “We’re inside ya head kid”

“We?” I asked

“O’ Course!” he said “All of us are! You, me, and ALL the things you’ve thought, carried, transmitted, broadcasted and all that other fancy crap you been broadcast from in here!”

I continued to look around myself, indeed I saw everything that I could possibly think and even possibly have thought about. From imaginative images of famous, fictional superheroes I (and still do) adore, to really life images of events that happened in the past from my awake life. All I could do was shake my head in disbelief. “No,” I finally said “No, this… This can’t be real.”

“No duh kid.” responded Big Johnny Cool “I just told ya a while ago, we’re inside yo’ head. This is all a dream.”

I still shook my head in disbelief “How?” I asked.

“Simple.” He responded. Then, Big Johnny Cool bent over and picked up a rock off the ground that was about the same size as his hand. Then from behind him up in a sky, a plane seemed to form out of nowhere in a moisturizing style up about a city that resemble a city near where I live. Binghamton.

Suddenly Big Johnny Cool hurled the rock directly at the plane which then apparently collided as the plane then burst into flames and hurled right into the identical city, to which then exploded right in front of us! I got to the ground and covered my head believing in the worst to happen. I looked up however and saw Big Johnny Cool just simply standing there with his arms out as if were just feeling a blast of fresh air.

I looked back at what used to be a city. Now as it looked as if it were a burning inferno, the city just like before (as with the plane) moisturized into a liquid like form.

Big Johnny Cool then looked back at me on the ground and said “Are ya convinced?”

I got up and stood next to him as I stared on at the massive liquid body in the distance. Then I looked back at him and responded “Yeah.”

“Good,” he said

“But now I have to ask you,” I said to him “Why am I here? What’s goin’ on?”

“I’m just here to show ya around and we’ll both see everythin’ you treasure seeing the most but just cannot.” He said.

I got a bit concerned “Everything?” I asked.

“Well, everythin’ except fo’ yo little fantasies yes.” He said with a sort of smug like look on his face.

I then got a bit defensive and disgusted as I responded “What are you talking about, I don’t hide anything!”

Big Johnny Cool's face then made a very unsatisfied look on his face as he stared at me waiting for me to saying something. Right there I knew I clearly wasn’t using my head properly. I finally knew that I was inside my own head so it didn’t matter what I hid, everyone knows it became there are what’s in my head. I embarrassedly responded “Sorry…”

Big Johnny Cool made a slight chuckle and said “Fo’ an honor roll student you really need to think a bit more often.” I only stood there and flashed a dirty look still out of embarrassment.

“Now then,” he picked back up on “D’ya wanna see what you really wanna see? Or do you just wanna keep arguin’ about impossibilities that’ll just keep slappin’ ya in the face when ya fumble over ya’self?

“Just show me what ya wanna show me.” I responded flatly as if daring him to provoke me.

Big Johnny Cool just put his hands out as if saying to back off and said “Okay, okay cool it man! Just take a seat.”

I looked around looking for a beach, without any luck I asked him “Sit where?”

Big Johnny Cool waved his hand and before it appeared a beach in the same moisturizing fashion as did the plane and the city.

“What’s up with that?” I finally asked Big Johnny Cool.

“What’s up with what?” He responded.

“The whole watery thing? Why’s it all watery when an object appears from out of nowhere?”

“Well if you want I can change the style.” He responded, then with that he snapped his finger and just like that, another beach appeared out of nowhere only this time it didn’t have that moisturized appearance as the other object in the background.

Big Johnny Cool and I sat down in the new beach he made. Then he snapped his fingers again and the first beach vanished into thin air just like that.

“Satisfied?” he asked

“I guess.” I responded “Now what about them ‘things’ you wanted me to see?”

Then from aside of us I noticed that the entire area began to moisturize as Big Johnny Cool spoke. “Each thin’ ya see a different tale and fo’ each one a lesson there is to be taught. So pay attention and the tales themselves tell they stowey…”

And with that the land shape-shifted to tell their stories while I watched on in amazement and with Big Johnny Cool at my side the whole time.
The 1st chapter on 'The Tales of Big Johnny Cool'

I meet Big Johnny Cool and our adventure of begins!
PrideAlchemist7 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome story, the beginning is cool x3
BigJohnnyCool Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009
Thanks, and there's more where that came from... :D
PrideAlchemist7 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're welcome, cool x3 can't wait for more x3
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