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Thanks to everyone's support on my YouTube account (as well as some friendly advice by fellow user and new friend, GojiFan1993,) I am now a member of Patreon. Feel free to check out my profile if your curious (Or watch the video...)
Okay, i tried taking this to LearnMMD and NVIDIA, and now I'm taking it here:

For the second half of December, I've been dealing with a particular problem with MMD acting extremely fickle about saving anything with AutoLuminous attached to it. It all started with this Xmas picture I made to commemorate the holidays:

Usually whenever I export an image file from MMD, I always save it as a .png to save space and because uploading bitmaps anywhere online seems to be a hassle... Unknown to everyone here, whenever I was trying to save this image. I'd keep getting this strange message:

Whenever this happens, I can no longer get back into MMD and when I try to re-enter the program, I get this message:

I also notice that when this happens, NVIDIA's GeForce Experience stops working too... To make matters worse, this same sort of glitch also effects my Adobe CC products from time-to-time, since I notices NVIDIA (and MMD as a result) stops working again whenever I get into one of their apps. I've been able to bypass this issue by disabling and then re-enabling my NVIDIA display adapters in my system's properties... Normally this wouldn't be a problem because while I cannot save to .png or .jpg for reasons I'm not getting, I can still save it to bitmap with no problems at all. HOWEVER, now this issue is effecting my video rendering capabilities, and this is NOT good seeing as I intend on using MMD for development on "Gathering of the Kings"...

First off, I will say that everything SHOULD be installed properly on my end for MMD to work (Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributional Packages 2005, 2008, 2010, and DirectX9) and MMEffect has been installed normally. Many I've spoken to suggest it's because of the amount of models I have attached to the project, others suggest it's a RAM-related, and others more think it's because of something deeper within the laptop I've been making the past few images with (which I will address momentarily). I want to put to rest that I've used AutoLuminous and several others on several occasions with others pictures once I did get my laptop. The likes of which include the following (and others I've made but didn't include because this should be good enough proof):
  • MMD Version = 9.31x64 version
  • Laptop = Lenovo Legion Y520
  • CPU = Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 HQ @ 2.80GHz
  • GPU1 = Intel(R) HD Graphics 630
  • GPU2 = GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • RAM = 16GB
  • HDD = 128 GB SSD + 2TB HDD
  • OP = Windows 10 64-bit
Right now, the advice I have been presented with that I haven't taken yet due to my work schedule (and concerns about what it could do to my laptop since my warranty may have expired at this point) is the following explanations:
  1. Uninstall my current Intel and NVIDIA drivers and in their place, install older "certified drivers" tailored specifically for the laptop (suggested by NVIDIA and LearnMMD)
  2. My laptop's battery  is overheating and I need to downloading some software to monitor it (suggested by LearnMMD)
  3. Check any other software that I've installed between now and when this issue started and see if it's interfering with MMD (suggested by LearnMMD)
  4. Prepare System Restore in the event I try one of the previous following options (suggested by LearnMMD)
Before I try any of the following advice, I figured I'd post this entry on here in case there is/was another MMD user who has dealt with this type of problem before and can relay any sort of experience to me on what I should do.

Any sort of help is appreciated, and preferably, the sooner the better...

UPDATE (1/8/19): AutoLuminous still doesn't work, and now I'm getting these additional messages:
(This is present in both Version 9.31 and 9.31x64)
MMD Rendering Problem (RESOLVED)
I got a problem with MMD, and any and all advice/experience is greatly appreciated
My MMD problem has FINALLY been solved!

I had to increase the amount of VRAM that my laptop was letting me use. MMD is back and working (for now)

Thanks to everyone's support on my YouTube account (as well as some friendly advice by fellow user and new friend, GojiFan1993,) I am now a member of Patreon. Feel free to check out my profile if your curious (Or watch the video...)


John Drooney
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Thanks for the fav
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Do you take requests?
BigJohnnyCool Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018
Depends on what specifically.

If you're looking for an art or rigged model request, then no. I do take art commissions though.
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Oh. Never mind.
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Hey, Johnny, weird random question, but have you ever seen/heard of the cartoon "The Arctic Giant"? If not, it's an old Superman cartoon from 1942 and it has a T-Rex that looks alot like Godzilla (of course, it predated Godzilla by 12 years).

Reason I ask is because I can totally imagine you doing a fight between Hanna-Barbera Godzilla and the Arctic Giant. Just a random idea.
Oh yes, I've seen that cartoon.

Funny you mention that too because he WILL be an opponent for HB Godzilla in the future, after Oozaru (from DB/DBZ) and Aku (from Samurai Jack). I've already got a list planned of opponents for HB Goji and I am taking suggestions for the future.
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TheGlitchExe Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018
I want to ask you something about the kaiju MMD models.
I port some of them to an animation program called Source Filmmaker and some of them are almost ready to be finished. All of them are from the "Kaiju Downloads and Ultra Downloads" forum. Peguila, Gomess (both normal and 1966 version) and Gigan are finished.
Since some of the models have been uploaded by you and some models are by MT, I want to ask you for permission to upload them to the Steam Workshop, SFMLab, etc. so others can also use the SFM version of those kaijus (excluding Ultimo's models)
Here's one example of how they will look like:…
Drifter-Dx Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
you have my permission to upload Bagan to SFM
don't want to leave SFM users out of the fun right?

just remember to credit the original creators of models/textures
when you upload your SFM port to those sites and all will be fine =D
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