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i'd be honest with you for a second, that bird is a just a notorious i see that artwork from piemations mike everytime, he makes my lau...

copasity filled with beautiful quallty of this dress, the touch of the amazing clothes, and the shaded effects of the character's divin...

this kinda art could awfsuly be one of the fantastic works it been regardful on the christmas evening on what does the artist draw she'...

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New OC Pile (Bad Guys)
in tumblr iv'e been posting lot of new cuphead ocs, the cuphead fandom really got to me but i can't help it, i might though be able to draw fanarts of other different fandoms when they get to me again, so i have two piles, that first pil contains the bad guys, one of them who is a cobra is carson's brother
to anyone who have been wanting to see more art from me i apologize for how late i am, i've been posting a lot of art in tumblr and i almost forgot about deviantart, i will try posting it as i can but i need time to do it
Flan.Bo's Minion Contest Entry: Mimic
Entry for :iconrogelis: Flan.Bo's Minion Contest
Name: Mimic
Species: Slime Creature (Abomination)
Height: 5'7
Bio: for several years ago more than 30 there were a team of scientists worked together into making a unique formula for a project by the name of Project Mimicry. the project was created to use this formula as a way for multiplying resources such as food, materials and other items that were hard to find or low on stock, the scientists informed many local bystanders in the cit that if this formula is to be a success they could have unlimited resources without needing to shake a leg for the hard work on gaining it. as the project started they used a pineapple for duplication process to work, however the tests never succeeded so many times as the formula never took the perfect detail from the inside and the outside of the fruit. after many test and many fails the last test was made, at first scientist thought it would fail again, but after moments later the formula worked as they succeeded into making a duplicate of the pineapple, filled with joy and pride they scientists were able to make a living out of the formula, but then it went wrong. as the duplicate was a success, it went haywire, beats of movements, slime coming out of it, and as they scientist thought they could make a living out of the resources, they made a living out of the project, an abomination made from that formula. with scientist screamed in fear, they evacuated the lab with the abomination locked inside, the lab was completely empty by then even when police forces surrounded the building to arrest the abomination and put em in stasis, the abomination wasn't found by then, it was known that the monster escaped with no track or evidence of tracking it, it was known that monster escaped with the formula that made it, they had no idea why does it need it so much until they found out in other cities that there were rampages of many of those creatures running around causing mayhem which local authorities put the blame on the people who created the monster in the first place, it was know by then of the creatures names as "The Mimics"
Personality: The Mimics are quiet creatures, like aliens they speak in different language and they can only understand each other, they have quite time understanding few things as well such as how the world works or what their purpose would be if it's something else from their natural habbit of destroying cities, with their wonders of who might teach them and lead them as their master
-The Mimics earned their title due to their abilities of mimicry

Copying Objects: the mimics use their body parts such as hands for copying objects such as military weapons, technology and even nano weapons caused by the energy that consumes objects that turning into dust for their own personal use
Copying Powers: when in fight with a superhero mimics use the same energy to drain their powers to use it against them such as strength, speed and elemental powers and travel powers, including passive abilities such as resistances
Shapeshifting: The most unique ability to The Mimics is shapeshifting into objects and people (including voice if it was people the shapeshift into) when copying objects and people they use their bodies to cover themselves on the objects and people for the full detail before transforming

-Mimics are unlike any other bad guys as their bodies are mass of ooze they can't feel pain for physical attacks or range weapons which includes super hero powers, their bodies also have proper flexibility where they use physical attacks along with stretching their bodies like a gum

Weakness: -Even though mimics can't feel damage from any attacks, the only thing that could stop them is cold, if they went into places where the temprature is below zero their bodies would freeze turning them into a mass of ice, that also includes ice powers unless they copied a passive power of ice resistance, if they got frozen during a battle then the slightist hit would destroy them without reforming turning them back the way they were

-Since their bodies is nothing but a mass of ooze, they would have problems staying put to air heroes that can be able to lift them up with no problem, if they never had copied a power of strength or earth
LOUD HOUSE STYLE: Tong Fo (Kung Fu Panda: LOA)
it's been like i don't know, sometime i didn't draw any new loud house style characters, so i thought of making one after i look into mast0r-rainb0w's art and thought of making tong fo from kung fu panda legends of awesomeness, i mean look at em <3, he's cute like hell, always makes wonder how does a real loris looks like in this style, and so there's  the cartoon version of tong fo
Original tutorial by :iconmast3r-rainb0w:
Art by Me
hope yall like it!


Bigjawthereptile's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
hi, my name's bigjawthereptile but you can call me of my thoughted persona name scaley or my real name zain, i kinda got stressed out over last year's mistakes, but i tried my best to help in some other ways, feel free to favourite and comment on any of my uploads if you want, and please be nice, i may look like what you think but i'm sensitive in my own moods, please don't let me make this hard on you or any of you, i had it going
Lord Hater fan button by buttonmaker
Wander Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Sylvia Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
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Cool Drawings: Easy
Now that i held on to learning into paint i decided to make images of it's own risk to you
i may or may not accept your commissions if they are hard or easy
just ask for commissions who is to easy characters, because i don't really want to make you guys characters that's so big that i can't make for you most of the time
Punch out gifs
10 for the intro fight or attack
5 for the intro only
Undertale sprites and pixel art
50 for 1 sprite
75 for three in one image
100 for a full game of main characters, plus game name
25 for 1-4 characters
50 for 1-8 characters
65 for a full league of characters, needed to be same number as the orignal seedriantale image
Bounce icons
wanna bounce icon
i can make one of those
Drawing normal: background
wanna draw your characters as well
you can pay for a commission for into these images


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