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Seven Deadly Sins - King Coat Construction

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Part of my tutorial series for King from Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins):
 King's Buttons - Seven Deadly Sins by ksmurf Seven Deadly Sins - King Coat Patterns by ksmurf King's Pillow - Seven Deadly Sins by ksmurf
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Did you order your boots, or did you make them? I have a base for mine, and then I'll be adding my gold fabric to the tips.. I was wondering what sort of glue would be good to use? 
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I bought my boots from DSW. They're basic black leather ankle boots. Then I created a boot cover pattern by wrapping my foot in cling film and duct tape. I drew the seam lines into the duct tape, cut my feet free and poof! Boot cover pattern.
The boot cover goes over the bottom of the boot and around the heel. The only part that I needed to glue down was the fabric around the heel. 
The bottom of the boots have grips that you can buy at a shoe store for heels or dress shoes - you can see them in some of my pictures. 

I used Shoe Glue or Bond - something very strong like that. If you do a search for glue to use on shoes, most of the results will be for very strong glues or cements. IMPORTANT: most of these glues are quite dangerous to work with - you don't want to get them on your skin and you need to wear eye protection + face mask to keep the fumes from getting into your eyes and your lungs. I used a tiny bit in a well ventilated area with eye goggles and my respirator mask. 

If you're gluing the gold onto fabric (i.e. you've got a cover already on your shoe), then my go-to is Fabri-Tac. Very flexible, machine washable. I have stuff that I glued on with Fabri-Tac 8 years ago that's still holding. :)
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I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply!! Thank you for your advice, it gave me the confidence and the means to finish the costume the way I envisioned it! I have a few pictures of posted, if you'd like to see:………

Again, thank you so much! <3!!
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It came out so well! You are such a cute King!
I love the flowers - it's a lovely twist on the character design to emphasize that he's king of the fairies. :)

Job well done!
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Thank you! :D I eventually want to add some wings, pointed ears, and a tiny gold crown.. I have the spear version of Chastiefole too, but it isn't perfected yet. I really like his character, so I may cosplay him at AX again next year. What cons do you usually participate in? :) 
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All of those details sound like they'll look great with your design. 

I usually go to Anime Boston and PAX East. 
Although, starting this year, I'm going to Another Anime Con in NH as well. :) 
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OH MY GOSH, I NEEDED THIS SO MUCH LAST NIGHT. Grrr, I never thought I'd be able to find a pattern for it so I've been doing it from scratch! Its alright so far, but I will definitely use this from here on. Thank you for your talent and contribution to this planet, you blessed seamstress goddess. 
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You're very welcome!

It took me several muslin mocks to get the seams right for this coat. I hate that hood. It is a stupid design. The manga-ka was clearly having a go at future cosplayers. "Yesssss...and I shall put seams here, here, and here. Have fun, cosplayers! Yesss....."

Glad to be a help!
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