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Calvin and Hobbes by Adis

By bigheart
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Sacrilege! Calvin and Hobbes redesigned to fit my style!
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This is the life of a boy named... Calvin.
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Totally something Calvin would do with his demented snowmen! Hilarious!
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This so fits the comic <3
Orenhofen's avatar
Make a Frozen rip off with this! :D
I like it. You're style looks great on them!
Dalek-TheSupreme's avatar
Nice designs, but Hobbes looks too short and childlike. He strikes me more along the lines of being a teenager in terms of size and personality.
theRevil's avatar
Ahhhh Calvin. Known for his maniacal snowmen. Always funny and always great to read.
NinjaPigDoesMC's avatar
Is that Johnny Test...?
nyancat-glory's avatar
and since i am dead i can take off my head and recite Shakespearean notation
Pikachu02's avatar
To be or not to be, and yet hobbes is speechless
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Ah, their famous snowmen. One part philosophy, one part fun.

The snow comics are my favorite.
magiann's avatar
Calvin looks a little like Johnny Test.
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Johnny Test looks like Calvin. GASP. and Dookey looks like Hobbes! That just blew my mind.
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Tats kinda scary xd
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Me an calvin an hobbes r of the same mind
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This is the kinda thin i do
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Oh yes. BIG TIME sacrilege. ;)
The-Happy-Spaceman's avatar
SNOWMAN: Alas, poor Yorick! Oh wait, that's my head. Silly me.
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I love it when people use their own style for well-known comics. :D
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