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zombie hitman

zombie hitman
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I like the hood of your zombie there

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"Everything above your neck'll be a fine red mist.."
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absolutely awesome!
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I would absolutely love to feature this character in a project I'm working on, if I may? You'd get full credit, of course!
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Reminds me of the Reapers from inFAMOUS.
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Damn so awesome I love it!
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dude I love your work. you could make a good zombie comic out of this
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its sninper? + nice made :) :icondragonlick:
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I just.... love it...
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I'm starting to dislike the fact I'm on Blue team right now. But at lest I'm not a spy. I'm hoping Mr.Hitman here will let me get my behind out of town. Before anything goes down. Maybe come to a truce...Or something cause I like my head on my shoulders.
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Your coloring is spectacular! I'd love to see a video/livestream of your process
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Hnngghhhh dat sniper....
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Holy Moley! :heart:
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so so awesome, as always
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oh my goooooaaad, why haven't I found you much earlier xD

love your work!!!
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Zombie snoipah? Creepy, yet insanely cool :3.
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thank you~dude~
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dayyyummm O_O
My dreams are going to be interesting tonight.
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