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dota 2 Broodmother BR

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Broodmother BR
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wich program do you use to draw this? :)
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She looks menacing! Gonna need a barrel of bug spray.
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I love me some brood mamas. I usually play lol more than dota2, but I really appreciate your wonderful drawings Heart Love 
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JawRipperHobbyist Digital Artist
One of my favs to play :3
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I'd totally huggle this spider, cause its so cool, but I'm pretty sure I'd be dead then. ^^
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ShadowScales72Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is freaking awesome! Probably my favorite character and you did her justice! :)
SpyderVenomTheBrony's avatar
Arguably the best pusher in the game! Absolutely stellar work my friend...just stunning
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leave the lane and top towers have been destroyed
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Dalek-ZHobbyist Traditional Artist
explain with what did you do this awesome spider in whole world "Broodmother"?
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DragonsJustImagineStudent Digital Artist
My worst nightmares are real.... x.x

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soloyaHobbyist Artist
I love Broodmother!
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Hey buddy, is this your own technique ? If not i want to learn it's name.
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You have no Idea how giddy this makes me

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sinninginheavenHobbyist Digital Artist
HMM mind if I ask why "Broodmother BR" ? o.o
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REALLY awesome. GJ, continue making dota 2 art pls <3
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damn brood you scareh
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VlAdfSStudent Photographer
Broodmother ftw xD
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Wicked scene and styley!
MylHause's avatar
MylHauseStudent Digital Artist
i'm scared
Nemesis6sic6's avatar
Oh dude that looks so sick....Well done!!!
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OctoHatStudent Digital Artist
do nyx next
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Broodmother was my first lol
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