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Tf2 miss pauling

Tf2 miss pauling
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A beautifully done bit of work that makes the character instantly recognisable and has just the right touch of personality!
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Wait... red + blue= purple. Miss Pauling works for both teams. AND SHE WEARS PURPLEEEE

i just realized
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you're just now realizing this?? took me a while to get it too :p
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Shes so pretty! LazyIcon I wanna use - 35 
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Man I love your work you've got a great way of capturing the characters personalities through your pictures:)
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My favorite Lesbian at TF2!
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She looks like she is in her early 30teis for some reason. Maybe cause she looks different from the Expiration Date short film.
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i love your pics!!
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since this was made 2 years ago, it's somehow scary how (sorta) similar she's made on this artwork and her sfm model. Nice work though! *thumbs up*
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you can make the face of the MUTAN BREAAAAADDD!!!! from the new TF2 video and update?
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Wow, Miss Pauling is insanely attractive in this pic :love:
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I used this for a Facebook Page, but DONT WORRY, I gave credit. Also (I know im being shameless promoter) If you want to know about the page its TF2 memes, We are accepting admins, just contact me.
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Looked her up after I commented on this ^-^
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Also, you should read the comics. They're really good.…
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never seen her before?
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She's a character from the comics. Learn more here:… And consider reading the comics some time; they're really good.
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Innocent soul caught with the wrong people?
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