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TF2 Spy S

Spy S
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i cant believe spy tf2 is dead

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Do you have this in blue? <X3
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Super HOT Super Hot
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Sniper, I don't feel so Good.
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This is beautiful
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I love how there is meaning on the Spy's face!
It's like, he may have lost his own identity, and then using others to like "stabilize" himself or so!
Keep it up!
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This is so true and beautiful 
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This is amazing gotta love that soft lighting
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Your concepts are always so interesting and creative! It's amazing!
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Jaw dropping! *o* Could this picture perhaps be about the fragility of the Spy's identity? Spy probably has many different names and impersonations in the past (and present, considering his main attribute is disguising himself as the enemy) that he's forgotten who his true self is. Idk, it just seems like something Spy would do. His true identity is so frail to the point that it breaks like glass, making the man behind the mask non-existent. Whatever the interpretation is, this will be my wallpaper for dayz! :D
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That was a poetic observation bro. Makes looking at this piece so much cooler
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Made it my wallpaper! :D
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this is freakin' awesome, man! faved Surprise Spy emote 
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Reminds me of the Hollow Child in Dr Who for some reason
Fantastic work
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Holy F*ck. 

I have no words. 
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Everything about this is just incredible. I have no words.
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Awesome work :D
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this looks awesome :)
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