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Another Very Fat Yoshi

Nothing much, just another fat Yoshi drawing by me, where I continue to try and improve on the way I draw fat Yoshis.

I'm not sure how he got this fat (maybe he visited fattening plains?), but I can tell he likes his belly. For one thing, he's giving his big belly a rub.
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Where did his shoes go
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:iconmarioplz::iconsaysplz:Asriel wtf I no found a last apple but I love you Yoshi.SanicSpider in Love Emote
:iconyoshiplz::iconsaysplz:...blaze reaction 
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fucking nice one dude wow
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but.... WTF YOU EAT!?!! :U
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Can you make me a drawing of my red yoshi like this? :3 so cute
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The only time when the fat furry trend is at max acceptableness.
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aww how does he get up to feed his fatness now?:'(
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He probably uses his long tongue to reach food that's out of his reach normally, since it doesn't look like he can move around.
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Yeah, though he doesn't seem to mind. He seems to like all the attention and hugs he's been getting lately, though!
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wow nice :D *snuggles Yoshi's fat belly*
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:iconfatyoshiplz: :iconsaysplz: Thanks! That felt nice.:D
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Me) *rubs Yoshi's belly*
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Man, he's all morbidly obese. He shouldn't eat all that food. He might get a heart attack and die.
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In my take on the Mario universe, Yoshis are immune to all obesity related illnesses, so they can't die from being extremely fat.
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But what about outside the Mario Bros. dimension?

(I prefer dimensions rather then universes.)
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Well, the term Multiverse is more compatible.
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I'd imagine that Yoshis have some kind of resistance to those kinds of illness normally, given that they are known for their ability to eat. It's impossible to tell, though, since Nintendo hasn't said anything about that.
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