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Crossplay - Jessica Nigri

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:bulletblue: Alright, what my concern here is that many people are going to misinterpret this cosplay. So I shall explain what it is you are seeing here.

:bulletred: First, I will explain exactly what this is. When a person of one gender wants to cosplay a character of another gender, it is called "Crossplay", or cross-gender costumed play. I would like to make it clear that I am not homosexual, a transvestite, cross dresser, sexist, or trying to make any strong statements.

:bulletgreen: In this picture, I am cosplaying another cosplayer for satire purposes. That cosplayer is Jessica Nigri, who has been the topic and discussion of many different cosplay communities around the internet. If you do not know who she is, please use your google-fu and see if you can't find an image or two of her for reference. She has had both positive and negative reception from these communities. Myself, I have no particular stance on her as a cosplayer or a person because I do not know her well enough. The reason I chose this cosplay was to get a reaction out of those who saw it, either good or bad. Most of the reception I received at Anime Los Angeles was positive, but I also got people who didn't know of the cosplayer who called my crossplay "disturbing", but I anticipated and expected that.

:bulletblue: Again, this was just a satire cosplay, for pure entertainment purposes. I do not and have not ever intended to sully Jessica as a cosplayer or put her down in any way. If you feel otherwise, please feel free to rationally note me regarding your issue and we can discuss it further. For now I will keep comments on this deviation open, but if they get too out of hand, I will disable comments. I do not delete my deviations ever, so please do not request me to do so.

:bulletred: I know people may find offense to this image, and disregard this description, and hate comments may be made. I can just feel it's going to happen. I may also lose watchers who find this disturbing as well. I just would like to let everyone know that this outfit was retired the moment I took it off. I feel that wearing it the one time was funny, but wearing it a second time would be disrespectful.

:bulletgreen: Most importantly, feel free to laugh at this picture. It's why I did it, to get a reaction. I had quite a few pictures to choose from from a mini-photoshoot with my own camera which were satire poses, but none really captured the entire costume and the spirit of why I did it. A kind anonymous on 4chan uploaded this picture and was kind enough to upload the original file resolution at my request. I feel that this picture not only captures the whole costume, but also captures the reaction of the crowd regarding my cosplay. In cosplay chess, I was supposed to take out Frank West, and I pull my Gordon Freeman crowbar from the comic-con bag, and the crowd went wild. I think the moment was captured perfectly, and it makes me feel like all the work I put into the outfit was worth it. Thank you anon, you're the best! Hope to share your hand next year!
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TheNoodleDude's avatar
I'm dying. This is amazing.
ResidentEddy's avatar
Cammy: "mm, dat ass~ *takes photo*"
TiraxSorel's avatar
That Cammy is so sexy, I would do her! :iconcammyplz:
xXxXRenoXxXx's avatar
xHowla's avatar
This is freaking hilarious
moto-jahk-fwah's avatar
It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!!
Rogue-chan's avatar
All I can see in this picure is a bunch of crazy people having a lot of fun ^___^
That's what this weird hobby is about, isn't it?
Please keep doing what you're doing, just what you feel like, this picture only made me smile :)
BalthierFlare's avatar
I support this. It's so good. XDDDDD
Irish-Werepire-Grl's avatar
Oh god that's brilliant! lol XDDD that RED Scout is all "haha what even, this is great!"
TiraxSorel's avatar
unholy-feeder's avatar
I must say, I think I prefer you in that outfit compared to Ms. Nigri... xP
Spycrab777's avatar
That Freemans a Spy!!....wait...
TiraxSorel's avatar
HalfaMaster's avatar
Lol sooo funny /highfive
It takes guts to do that!
TiraxSorel's avatar
13lackhawk's avatar
Respect mate, really respect! You made my day :D
cartoonist4eternity's avatar
I love this! Me and Jessie were friends in middle and high school. She first dressed up as "Playboy Pikachu" for Halloween our freshman year. Great job, this made me laugh. :lol:
Nagato-Yuki-chan's avatar
Well, you know, there's nthg wrong to crossplay(i do it each time i go at a con^^)do what you like^^; nice shot btw^^(plus, people around you(?)look happy and glad^^
daydreamernessa's avatar
!! i saw this costume from my hotel and had a good laugh ^^
Kat326's avatar
Oh man, major props for this... The crowd's expressions are absolutely wonderful. :'D
Katsumiyo's avatar
AijiS's avatar
better than the original imo.
lethe-gray's avatar
HAHAHAHAH! I might have seen her at the con, your outfit is PERFECT.

Of course it's kind of a mix between Jessica and ManFaye, lol.
biggestsonicfan's avatar
I think I saw her in passing once at SDCC but just saw it as yet another girl in a Pikachu outfit there. There were a lot of them and none of them particularly caught my eye to make me want to take a picture.
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