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The Swan

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Yes indeed !!!
Congratulations, so sexy...I would like a girlfriend like her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shinyblackboots's avatar
I think he needs a significantly 'bigger bulge' if he's going to take her on! Maybe she can undress and seduce him???
I'd like to see how he can lift her while dancing!
Attitude2000's avatar
A bit different from you usual stuff. I like it.
relisys66's avatar
Great concept!!
Love that definition!
ALittletoo-Rocky1986's avatar
So vuloptuous yet so graceful
1slyfox2u's avatar
Love to be that guy!
That silver-grey top reminds me of one of Leanne Crowe's PUF photoshoots.
I only wish you also showed her face and head (I imagine she's a dark haired gal).

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"Well, I hope she's doing the lifts from now on."
I always said ballet was underrated.
Shag49931's avatar
Love it.  She's not quite the normal ballet build is she?

Just the look on his face... no way he's going to be able to lift her for any traditional moves, of course...
biggals's avatar
"I'm sure she didn't look like this yesterday..."
Shag49931's avatar
She sure isn't a little duckling any more!
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--The renowned instructor had taken her as his student many years ago, when she was still a kid. Soon after, he had noticed how talented the petite little thing was and Jenn became his favourite. He would even call her 'his little duckling' and he wouldn't spare any efforts in teaching her all he knew about ballet dancing. The years passed by and she became a great dancer. She developed her artistic facet at an astounding pace, but her body, ironically, remained the same as when she was much younger... just until yesterday. Today, it was hard to accept that literally over the night of her eighteenth birthday she had turned into the colossal epitome of a dancing amazon.

"What did you say about yesterday, teach? I can't hear you very well from up here!" The instructor had been distracted the whole class. Jenn, oblivious to it, continued practicing, her new size apparently having not affected her skill at all.--
Shag49931's avatar
Excellent write-up to go with the pic!   Thanks for sharing!
lamusarania's avatar
You are more than welcome! It's a little demonstration of my appreciation of Biggals sharing his works with us. =D
Shag49931's avatar
Yeah, he makes the kind of pic that makes one speculate about the story behind each pic.

I've written a quick bit myself now and then in response to one of his pics.  :)
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