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Sure You're Ready?

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Big girl - big sex :)
Watcher721's avatar
Fantastic ass!!
Attitude2000's avatar
Always a fan of that "view from behind the back/between the legs" thing. Nice.
relisys66's avatar
When facing a woman that large you must always be the perfect gentleman. Don't piss her off Wink/Razz 
please place your goddess ass on my face while you fuck a worthy man
Artnico's avatar
Bigger is better !
Big-ELSA's avatar
wonderful !
you are amazing artist :hug:
Shag49931's avatar
I'm sure that ins some ways he is very, very ready.

And in other ways, he'll never be ready enough.

(there being a big difference between ready-arousal and ready-strong-enough)
biggals's avatar
I quite like the idea that it's him asking if she is ready.
Shag49931's avatar
That's a neat turnaround, him asking her is she is ready.

What a gentleman!  :)
Robbo4life's avatar
oh boy, i'm ready for snu-snu!!! :p
foducool's avatar
aw, no sideboobs
biggals's avatar
I know, right? The first thing I have ever drawn without them.
SpeckledBilagaana's avatar
How about "Sure You're Ready 2.0?"
Shag49931's avatar
Interesting change up there.

Most of your other big gals, you'd be able to see her breasts from behind at this angle.

Variety is the spice of life!

It does work to more focus on her hips and butt.  Which only emphasizes her weight and size, and thus the validity of the question she is asking him in the title of the pic.
Maya-Volkania's avatar
no boobs, no spice B-) (Cool)

anyway nice legs and butt
biggals's avatar
You got it in one. I tried it with the sides of the boobs on view and it didn't really work.
Shag49931's avatar
Gotta go with what works, visually.

And a more "pear-shaped" body type works in this case.
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