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Do you marry me girl 
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I love your work. Please make one where the girl kidnaps the guy be shoving him deep down her shirt!
Was Katy Perry an influence on this?
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No 'piggy' I've ever seen looked remotely as pretty as she does, with the added bonus of her superb figure. Not a giantess fan, but she's too gorgeous to ignore or overlook.
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in the thumbnail i thought he was the "i believe you have my stapler" guy.
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my oh my this is a good month now that we have some more Biggals in it! This one is fantastic; I love the pieces with the little cretins being gently dominated. Hope to see more!
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Wheeeeee!! lol!
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i wonder what is her bra size
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the footprint is a good detail
It's more than a footprint, like if the ground were heavily hit and cracked for the huge impact of her weight while walking
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Yeah I was going to say that's a nice touch.
I want to go on this ride
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glad to see you back
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It's always good to see more of your work!
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Thank you for another great posting. Your work is always amazing.
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That looks like SO much fun! :-)

But what IS she doing to the floor!


Thanks again for another magnificent piece of art.
Heels may have been a mistake.
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I certainly wouldn't let her on my kitchen floor.
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