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But he looks not lucky at all...
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O this lucky man can enter her holus-bolus...
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perfect size for a woman
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You do such great work!
She could easily crush him against the wall
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Very nice biggals. I am enjoying the different turns you have taken into your artwork. The mystery of not showing the young lady's face, as with this one, is very daring. Showing her hair is just enough to hint that she's a gorgeous looking girl. Our minds will fill in the rest. But yes, her "imposing" figure and how she has used it to trap this poor young man gives us just enough that we need to see that her body is quite strong. I also like the emphasis on her buttocks ad thick thighs. Wonderful job!
Attitude2000's avatar
I agree with what you said. I'm not as much as a wordsmith, though.
James-Dark-Blue-Wolf's avatar
Whoa smoking hot body!
bigon19's avatar
Easy to see why  she needs those heels so badly-- poor little thing
relisys66's avatar
What a great view he must have!
ALittletoo-Rocky1986's avatar
Yeah...she can have anything she wants
BritBE's avatar
wow, what awesome proprotions
Big-ELSA's avatar
i love your arts :dalove:
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