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Cynthia, come down here right now!

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Why did u cut the face?
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That's sexy,,,,big woman sitting on my face,,,,this pic makes me horny,,,,
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Thats a really great image.
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Wow!   While I'm not usually a fan if giantesses, I am one of fuller figures, and this gal has a very enjoyable one. The drawing has your usual fine detailing, and your not infrequent sense of humour.
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this may be a weird thing to fixate on, but whats up with his hands? He's sticking out his pinky on his left and the right one must be holding something. Do you put easter eggs like that in all of them?...
and its no mistake, or a cartoon like flaw, left over for lack of time, or a glitch with a fill tool;theyre pretty detailed hands
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Better idea, how about he get up there double time!
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I'm loving this exploration of more plump girls! It definitely fits better with their huge busts.
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I'm loving the newly curvier/heavier girls too!
I like the new fatter girls you have drawn recently. You have kept them magnificently proportioned. Perhaps their little men have been feeding them.
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New watcher here. Looking though your gallery, biggals, I definitely get the impression that the breasts are supposed to be the focus of your images, so I think it's fitting that Cynthua's face isn't visible in the image. It says a lot and feel it has a certain symbolism. Characters without faces have always fascinated me because there are so many different artistic/symbolic reasons for doing so.

Firstly, hiding her face means that there are fewer distractions for the viewer and it further emphasize her breasts. They are meant to be the focus of the images after all. The viewer is always drawn to what I would say are her 'second set of eyes' so it doesn't matter that her face is hidden 'off camera'. Most people, I'm sure, would pay very little attention to the details of her actual face anyway.

I feel that that leaving her face out can also emphasise her size and power. It's symbolic in that she's so big compared to the little guy that to keep him in shot means only showing her body from her breasts down. And besides, he can't see past those huge breasts anyway. Which brings me to my next point.

It also means that viewers see her as the little guy sees her. It helps to put us in his shoes, as it were. We are also viewing the her from the little guy's perspective because, let's face it, he's not really paying any attention to her face (and neither would we if we were in his predicament). He can probably recognise her from her breasts alone and this can be a fun running gag. It's something I've seen done before: In one comic I read there I'd a character with big breasts which everyone always stares at and she gets recognised not by her face but by her breasts.

Her face is distant and unimportant considering the focus is meant to elsewhere. It's probably not even crossing his mind that he can't see her face. And not including her face in the image reinforces that notion. It's also serves to remind the viewer that her breasts are really all that matter in the image because they are at the top of the image and will be the first thing the viewer sees.

Now, obviously, there is some emotion in the image. However, hiding her face forces the viewer to guess her intentions. It also makes her a little more mysterious.

And this is good in my opinion because art is supposed to make people think. Some may challenge my use of the word 'art' to describe your image but I maintain it's a fine submission. Thanks for sharing, and I hope to see similar images in the future.

I think that is everything I wanted to say. If not. I'll add another comment later. Sorry it's long. I hope you appreciate it though.
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Thanks for your kind reply,

If I may, can I ask if her face is hidden for any of the reasons I listed? You described some of my comment as 'astute', so am I right in assuming that part has particular resonance? After all, there can be many different reasons not to give a character a face the viewers can see.
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Thank you for taking such time to make such an excellent, well considered contribution. The observation regarding her obscured face putting the observer into the perspective of the man is particularly astute.  

Thanks again, BG.
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She's lookin' SO THICK!! :icondatplz:
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I love the fact that you use bbw's only
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you are the best  biggals !!
Big-ELSA's avatar
& this one is the best ;-)
There ya go, be demanding with a woman whos breasts outweigh you, your artwork is incredible biggals
maxgrowth's avatar
I adore the extra "pudding" these gals have on their figures. Absolutely brilliant work. Just great:)
bachjay's avatar
I love these plumper more full figured women you did for this batch.  They look absolutely great.
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Yes. I love your giantess work.
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This is all sorts of awesome.
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