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Stuff :B

1.) I make polls like crazy. So if you like polls, watch me. If you don't like polls, then watch me anyways:D

2.) BadMote is an awesome dA newcomer. If you haven't checked him out, do it now. Or I will rip your head off:)

3.) Since I now have a sub, I have tricked out my page (journal css, custom boxes, ect.). I would appreciate feedback on it:)

4.) I am close to 15 hundred pageviews!

5.) leogomes91 now has an oc. He names it L. IT IS AWESOMESAUCE! L. standard floating by leogomes91

6.) I didn't get any presents for my birthday. :SOMAKEMESOMEPLZ: :la:



emoticon crowd by OctoFlash :awkwardsilence: by stuck-in-suburbia :thumb143617578: :thumb143603902: :thumb143571984: :buzzyla: by renekotte :thumb143500557: The WeEmote Project by Mr-Jaunty

<div class="gr"Custom Box

My custom box :la:. Note me if you want the code:eager:

btw, when on a user page, the box text is black so it is visible:)
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i has an awesomesauce oc! :la:
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Thanks for featuring my ZombiEmote. :D The dark page made me realize there are some mistakes that are hard to see in it, though. D: I will have to fix those.
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:iconohmaiplz: you're a proud wii owner! :faint:
so am i! :excited:
i'm downloading New Super Mario Bros. Wii!
it's super duper master infinitum ultimately awesomesauce! :iconexcitedplz:
it should finish downloading in 2 hours.. :la:

and i'm making your bday present! :shh:
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downloading? how will you get it on your Wii?
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my wii has a mod chip :shh:
i can download games to my pc and burn them into a dvd.. :la:

and i finished downloading it.. but i'm out of dvd's.. :cries:
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go to.....

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tomorrow i'll buy a new 50-dvd pack! :la:
which means i'll pay 40cents on each dvd :la:
idk how much you pay for a dvd..
but here it's pretty much the cheaper price you're ever gonna find..
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I like your stuff... and your features! :la:
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