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Super Mario Land II

Here's the sequel to the original episode. This one is longer than the first, and in my opinion, it's better as well. I've had several fond memories that incorperate this episode, so I hope you have fun watchin' it!
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Where is Super Mario Land IV?
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Moonwalkin' like a BOSS
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THE TOAD IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!
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we all live in a yela submarean yela submurein yela submarean and are freinds are all about many more of them live next door. i like that part the most
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sorry, this made ME LOL
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what the hell toad has been fliping us off the hole time
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best part... dumbass broad standing right at the exit XD
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we all live in a yellow submarine!!!!!!
LOL so funy
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3- Human canon ball = :rofl:
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Oops, I mean Very and not Vrey !
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:XD: Vrey funny ! Amazing !
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:O_o: OMG! Toad was flipping us off all along! Funny tree and a few others :D.
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i love how the Screen just said "Wow." when i clicked the favorite button. XD
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What's the song that plays during the star part with Mario being insulted?
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Landing on your head can be mentally stimulating. RIP Mario. At least he has 1-ups.
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