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Synkro^3 Suite for Rainmeter



Synkro³ Suite for Rainmeter

Synkro³ version 1.3 has been released! Thank you all for your continuing support!
In update 1.3, just a bunch of bugfixes to improve your experience. Enjoy!

Synkro³'s concept is a clean, yet powerful and informative skin. It's meant to be undisruptive, modern, and good-looking. Instead of filling the screen, it's there to complement it. Your desktop will still be yours; Synkro³ is there only to add, not substitute.

While a (relatively) minimalist and clean skin, it is rather complete, featuring:
• Time and date, with multiple timezones
• Music Player support
• System Uptime time counter
• CPU and RAM usage meters
• Dark and Light themes for ease of use with dark and light backgrounds
• Disk monitoring utilities for up to 7 disks
• Network monitoring utilities
• Out of the box experience with an easy setup process
• Fully functional menu for easy, deep customization
• Update checker to keep you up to date
• Weather widget with automatic WOEID lookup (FORGET getting weather codes manually!)

This is Synkro³.
Experience perfection.

This skin includes the Smooth Progression Algorithm and the Universal Transition scripts by Kaelri. Thanks, Kaelri, you're awesome!
You can reach him at
Wallpaper source:…
Weather icons by VisualPharm:
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I love this skin but I cannot get the weather to work the way you have it.  The issue stems from the website for me.  Ive had to do some heavy editing  to get it partially working and it is still nothing like how you have it.  What do you use to tie the backgrounds to the weather within the webparser?  Im not sure if there is anything for me to tie it to with the website I am using now.
*edit:  Also, even with the automatic set up, I had to manually set the weather code variable.