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Synkro^3 Suite for Rainmeter

By bigfeh
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Synkro³ Suite for Rainmeter

Synkro³ version 1.3 has been released! Thank you all for your continuing support!
In update 1.3, just a bunch of bugfixes to improve your experience. Enjoy!

Synkro³'s concept is a clean, yet powerful and informative skin. It's meant to be undisruptive, modern, and good-looking. Instead of filling the screen, it's there to complement it. Your desktop will still be yours; Synkro³ is there only to add, not substitute.

While a (relatively) minimalist and clean skin, it is rather complete, featuring:
• Time and date, with multiple timezones
• Music Player support
• System Uptime time counter
• CPU and RAM usage meters
• Dark and Light themes for ease of use with dark and light backgrounds
• Disk monitoring utilities for up to 7 disks
• Network monitoring utilities
• Out of the box experience with an easy setup process
• Fully functional menu for easy, deep customization
• Update checker to keep you up to date
• Weather widget with automatic WOEID lookup (FORGET getting weather codes manually!)

This is Synkro³.
Experience perfection.

This skin includes the Smooth Progression Algorithm and the Universal Transition scripts by Kaelri. Thanks, Kaelri, you're awesome!
You can reach him at
Wallpaper source:…
Weather icons by VisualPharm:
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I love this skin but I cannot get the weather to work the way you have it.  The issue stems from the website for me.  Ive had to do some heavy editing  to get it partially working and it is still nothing like how you have it.  What do you use to tie the backgrounds to the weather within the webparser?  Im not sure if there is anything for me to tie it to with the website I am using now.
*edit:  Also, even with the automatic set up, I had to manually set the weather code variable.
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so i'm completely in love with this suite but the thing is, either i'm a doofus or this doesn't work for me. when i go through the installation, nothing happens. when i try to manually load the skins, only some of them actually show up and it's the different ones every time i reload rainmeter. the letters on some skins (when they show up) are barely readable, as if the resolution is wrong (it's set to auto). i don't know how to fix it and it makes me sad because i love this :c
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TLDR. Looks nice though.
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If i want to take off all the different timezone stuff on the clock, but leave the main clock normally as is, how would I go about doing that?
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It looks nice but I see it uses the Helvetica font which is paid. I don't think you can include it and distribute it in that way for free...
How do I install it?
You need Rainmeter for that, mate. If you do not have Rainmeter, you can download it for free at

After you've taken care of that, just download the skin file and open it. Rainmeter should take care of the rest.
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how do I edit the length of the now playing bar? the time is running off the side of the screen (using spotify so I suppose it doesn't really matter) 
Just pick the resolution of the screen you're using in the options menu, and you're done.
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I think there's a problem about Weather widget (When you choose Celsius it doesn't change).
Thanks for the report! Bug has been fixed as of version 1.2.1.

EDIT: I'm pulling out version 1.2.1 because it broke a whole lot of other stuff. I'll get 1.3 up and running soon enough. Sorry for the inconvenience :(
In the meantime, open up your text editor, navigate to the Resources folder on the Synkro folder, under the Rainmeter skins directory and edit Change "weatherunit" to "c" instead of "f". Please note that it needs to be lowercase.
Hey, first of all let me say that this piece of work is amazing! But the one thing I can't do is find the option to change it from a light setting to dark. Please help
Hey, mate. Thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it!

The setting for the theme for version 1.1 can be found on the bottom left part of the menu. If you have any other doubts please don't hesitate to ask!
I have found it now, but when i tick it, it causes the auto sizing to mess up and leads to things being in the centre of my screen
It... what? Is that when you apply or when you tick the option?
It's when I apply. don't suppose you know what is wrong?
EDIT: Upon browsing through the menu I have realised that changing any of the settings causes the sizing to mess up and some of the addons to completely dissapear;
This is before changing any…
This is what happens when I change just the theme colour (nothing else)…
Could you provide me with a screenshot of your menu, please?
Okay, so I'll be completely honest with you: I have absolutely no idea what's wrong. That being said, I did think of three ways you can potentially solve your issue.

You could do it manually, by editing the variables file (, which can be found under resources in the skin folder, which, in turn, can be found in the "Rainmeter" folder on your Documents). First, go back to all of the original configurations (where everything works) and then change the value of both fontcolor and mfontcolor to "0,0,0" (without the quotes), and change the value of both theme and mtheme to "Dark" (again, without the quotes). Save, refresh and you're done.

Or you could delete the skin folder, found under the Rainmeter folder in your Documents and download it again. Alternatively, you could wait until later today, or maybe tomorrow (depending on how the progress over here goes, and your time zone) for version 1.2.
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How do I drag? It won't let me open the rainmeter menu by right-clicking or letting me drag anything.
EDIT: Never mind I forgot about the click through setting. Stunning piece of work, its clear that you put in a lot of effort!
Hello, mate!

First off, thanks for the compliments. I really appreciate them. That being said, you can click on them (despite the click through setting being on) by holding your Control key and clicking on them. That way you can drag and open the Rainmeter options. 
I Just downloaded Rainmeter for the first time and found this skin. It's pretty much exactly what I want, minimal and complementary. I too have an issue with the AM/PM being flipped and whats weird is it shows my time, currently EST, and then it shows EST as an hour ahead on the timezone side. I look forward to future updates on this, but in the meantime I'm going to play around with more skins and discover what I've been missing by not having this app :)
(double reply ftw)

I forgot to mention that while there are a whole world of wonderful skins for Rainmeter, for a minimalistic suite, especially after the next update, this is about as complete as you'll get. I'm a big fan of Elegance 2, and other fantastic skins include Omnimo and cntr. Make sure to check the Rainmeter dA group (which you probably already have)!
Hey there mate,
First off I'm really sorry for the time I took to reply. I'm working on a huge update and I'll get finished in the next 1 or 2 days, if not later today. Stuff like weather (with a twist/bonus... soon™), support for multiple disks and a new installer are coming.
That being said, the inverted AM/PM bug has given me hell because I couldn't track it down (the only user that actually tried to help me saw the problem get fixed on its own). There are no known Rainmeter bugs and the skin code works as intended. If you could help me again, we could have another shot at squishing this one bug.
The EST clock being ahead is because of issues related to daylight saving time. I'm still trying to figure a way to get that fixed (world clocks are extremely error prone in Rainmeter).

Thank you very much for your feedback! I hope to hear more from you in the future.
I trust you'll love both Rainmeter and
Synkro³. See you around, and enjoy!
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