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if you are here because someone talked shit about me just a little warning! you don't actually know what's really happened because that person try to playing the victim and acting like a special snowflake because they cannot accept the fact their true colors get exposed! so watch out who you actually trust, even your closest friend can lying to you! i had a similar experience with my former friends!

21 | Female | Big Claudia/Claudia/Big C/BC | IT


Hey guys! i'm Claudia, i'm a Vore and G/t artist and animator from Italy, i draw a lot of stuff, mostly M/f Vore, Micro and G/t, i am a shy and friendly person (not always until someone piss me off)

i draw stuff since 2010 and i spend daily to working in art and animation to keep to growing as artist and trying to making moneys with my hobby.

i'm mainly a SFW artist but in rare cases you can catch me to drawing NSFW and those are not here but you can simply find them on FurAffinity.

i'm actually a shy Aspie and very closed since i have some trust issue cause of toxic friends i had in the last years who were trying to gaining shit by me, i have a particular taste with certain fetishes and please ask me before to show if i'm okay with them.

this is my second account, the original @bigclaudia

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my old account-> @claudiathefairy

you can call me: Big Claudia the Fairy, Big C, BC or Claudia

my non-fetish account Garinas

I'M 100%Italy flag

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i'm Vore Prey (90%) and Predator (10%)

Slow interwebz
I love kawaii
I don't take people's word on anything.
I love when people draw my characters stamp
Asexual stamp
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SOFTWARE!:Paint Tool SAI Icon (high quality) Clip Studio Paint EX Icon Adobe Photoshop CC Icon Sony Vegas Pro 13 Icon Adobe Lightroom 2015 Icon Procreate (2) Icon

Tool: Wacom Cintiq 13HD Icon Ipad Pro and pencil Icon

Favourite Visual Artist
ya all
Favourite Movies
Fantozzi, Lupin III VS Detective Conan, Angry Bird Movie, Captain Underpants, South Park, Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Favourite TV Shows
the Fairly Oddparents (old school serie), UncleGrandpa, South Park, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Breaking Bad, Wakfu, La Casa del Papel
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
Captain Underpants, Biology book
Favourite Games
LOZ Breath of the Wild, Cuphead, South Park: the Stick of truth, South Park: the fractured but Whole, Team Fortress 2, Just Shapes & Beats, GTA V
Favourite Gaming Platform
WIIU, 3DS, PC (including Emulators), iPad (Among US, Minecraft, Tetris and Solitaire)
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Ipad PRO 12,9 with Apple Pencil gen 2, Procreate, paint tool SAI 2, adobe photoshop CC, Clip Studio Paint EX, Adobe Lightoom CC and Sony Vegas PRO 16

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Serious Disclaimer!⚠

gonna to be clear once again since everyone keeps to making the same question over and over again about my sona like "Why the fairly odd parents style I’ve always wondered?" or any recalling with Wanda and TImmy,

first off BC has never met Timmy and she have nothing related to him and if you question about her "bucks" not just this character owes it even this other character related to the serie

and recently is was found out ANOTHER character but from a different cartoon have a similar "bucks" but is NOT related to FOP

about her hair you can get some context reading her backstory on her Toyhouse and she have some alternation beside that style, and in the cartoon there's ANOTHER character with similar hair style

a final context of this is about the art style which is based from FOP and mixed as addictional my art style to make it more dynamic.

also little legal note, the art styles are NOT COPYRIGHTED, same thing about Anime style and other styles related

this similar warning is even applied about Garinas

so please stop to ask it because the answer is right here

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