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  • Listening to: my heart
  • Reading: people
  • Watching: those i love
  • Playing: has to stop
  • Eating: vegetarian meals
  • Drinking: cold water
well....ive been gone for a really long time :P. ive been livin in thailand for almost a year now. so much has happened- new experiences, new freinds,new arts(kinda ;P), and new me

for those of u that have stuck with me till now, thankyou :) i hope i will not Dissopoint any of u in the near future. i am moving back to america in a week, to san francisco. i might be goin back to school and sharpen my skillz :P or get a real job. ive been driftin like the wind. it has to stop :strong:

i have found what i have lost

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green-tea-gal Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
Hope everything is treating ya good in this damn foggy place. Do you do art professionally?
EbolaSparkleBear Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2007
what'cha do in Thailand?
Eos-Lithium-Deragree Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007  Student General Artist
so the lost now becomes the complete circle . thats awesome news! it'll be interesting to see what has become of your work. congrates on the new found you or rather the part you felt has been missing. alot of people never find what it is they search thier whole lives for. Take care!!
peace :)
faramir Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2007
WB Boonie. Looking forward to some of your new work :)
Silvertide Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007
Hey! I live in San Francisco! (you do mean the SF in California, right? Did you know our governor was once a killer cyborg and a barbarian?)
C-A-U-T-I-O-N Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
yay boonie boy! great to know that you've found what you've lost! i want to see your new art!
MicHiliTa Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
BKK is freaking hot right now..XD I hope it cools down soon... Glad to hear that ur coming bak :D
ShandyRp Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007
don't forget to write me some letter XD what an old days XD
halo7077 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007've been looking for that burrito you misplaced, weren't you???
San Fran.???? Dude, I mean, DUUUDE! WTF? why there and what the hell do you think needs sharpened....other than a fk'n stick to poke you with just to get yer' lazy ARSE up and doing something. :nana:
snarfer Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007
What's wrong with being a drifter? :O Hope your move back to America goes off without a hitch :)

sonettie Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ah so there you are! :heart: glad your having a good time, or good for the most part eh?
keep us posted :D

can't wait for new art!
zemotion Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007  Professional Photographer
have fun :)
ionicnimrod Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007
if this means some new work then i am excited. but either way, good for you
Madigan Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007   Digital Artist
Can't wait to see some new art !
DavidSondered Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I'm happy you found what you had lost.
Looking forward to see more from you.
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