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Barack Obama

Caricature of United States President Barack Obama
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You made his teeth look amazing!
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Great Work!! love it!!
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Nice one! Well spotted gesture!
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OBAMA WON....YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY!!!...Let's see what happens these next 4 years...I ike your rendition of our 2nd time around president, very patriotic looking...Though 2 years has past since you done this, it still resonates a bonafide REALNESS factor with me...Great job and keep the hits coming:)
*cough cough* look around
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Awesome!! LOL Geez, you're talented.
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lol thank you, and im all for your cage match presidential election strategy too
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Amazing :D I decided to look up obama on DA while i started to watch 2012 Dem Convention day 3 on youtube.
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I hate this guy.
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"Behold, as I eat this invisible potato chip!"

That is honestly the first thing that came to mind when I saw this.

But seriously, this is way cool.
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:iconobamaplz::iconsaysplz: Om nom nom... Wait, why don't these potato chips have my logo on them?
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:iconromneyplz::iconsaysplz:Because it won't be yours for long.
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:iconobamaplz: and :iconromneyplz:: *fight over bag of chips*
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That's how every election should go. Both candidates are locked in a cage together and not fed for two days, then they throw a bag of chips right in the middle of the cage. The one who survives gets to be president.
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Sounds like a plan! :D
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Fantastic. You somehow pulled off classic caricature anatomy while avoiding a cartoonish feel.
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Audience : I?
Obama : I meant WE!
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this is amazing.
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Haha it's that hand pose he always dose! :+fav:
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thanks everyone, and i use photoshop and sketchbook pro dragonflyer
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Well done. What program do you use?
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