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Commissioned to write essentially what I'd do to a friend of mine in a certain situation. I think he'll like it.
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stanfordprincess's avatar
that itching powder thing… omg ur a genious. that was one of the best i've ever read and im seriously speechless. oh god thats not fair
Very cool. Oddly, its your bare feet that I'd love to get my fingers on. They'd have to be securely tied down and hoplessly helpless to escape my depredations.
Mind = blown (And something else ;) )

Also kudos for the itching powder! Doesn't gets used nearly enough in conjuction with tickling IMO!
BigBlueFeather's avatar
Thanks! haha I agree, love itching powder.
One of your best, indeed!
Centro's avatar
This was so much fun to read! X3. Any boy lucky enough to wind up in your care would never want to leave I think XD. 
Centro's avatar
X3 You're welcome! I will fix this damn bank issue tomorrow I promise :3
BigBlueFeather's avatar
Ticklishboy30's avatar
This was one of your best. I love the detail. :) I'd love to get tickled by you. :P
BigBlueFeather's avatar
Thanks. Id love to tickle u ;)
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