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1,565 Views - Sora's Torture

THANKS SO MUCH! 1,565 views and counting! For this milestone, I decide to draw one of my favourite victims getting tickle tortured! ;) Enjoy!

Poor Sora! While he may have grown into his big feet somewhat, he hasn't grown out of his boyish ticklishness - in fact he may have grown even more so! This is something the Joyless exploit; having brought the grown Keyblade Master to their realm to extract all the Joy they can from him.

The 1,565th Joyless chooses to use its claw-like fingers on the helpless Sora's overly large and incredibly sensitive soles, shrieks of laughter feeding the monster. It will take a while longer to become sated though.

The next in line waits impatiently for its turn...
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good work I like it
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Love it! x3 Sora looks so cute!
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Your welcome! :D I love tickling KH characters!
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Thanks! Easily seen, I'm not the best artist around by far, but I'm pretty proud of this one. :)
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Tickling is about as evil a torture as it gets. BE STRONG SORA!!!
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Perhaps Roxas will come to try and save him eventually? :O
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hey u take requests
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I try to. Lol! Send me a note and I'll do my best! :)
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