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Star Trek Stained Glass

By bigblued
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5.5"w x 10"h, 8pcs
Tiffany Foil Method

Did this one right after the movie came out but I could never get a good photo of it. I think I have close to a hundred shots of this thing.

It was my first attempt at doing a suncatcher, just the arrowhead by itself, without the square frame. And I wanted the center star to not have glass at all. Unfortunately, that left 2 short straight lines creating a fold point across the middle and it wanted to fall apart. So I ended up adding the swirling blue glass around it to give it strength. The center is still empty though.

This piece sold at WindyCon 36
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LBoHStitchingHobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is amazing!
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MidgarZolomHobbyist Photographer
Gorgeous piece. I'm glad you added the swirling blue parts in the end. They really help to give that atmosphere of space and exploration. Nice job!
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I want to buy one!
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¡Qué hermoso!
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SacredJourneyDesignsProfessional General Artist
really beautiful
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AidanTStudent Artisan Crafter
I think this piece is simply amazing, I'm making it for my dad as a Christmas present. Yet my background is the same glass type but green. And I used lead cane and lead borders on the inside.
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I love the baroque glass. I've used the green for dragon wings. Do you have pics? Thanks for the fave too!
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AidanTStudent Artisan Crafter
Yes, and no problem :), here is a link to the picture. [link]
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su-zqHobbyist General Artist
Very nice piece. I started working with stained glass recently and was looking for Star Trek inspiration. Now I have it!
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Thank you! Be sure to post pictures!
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luckydawgHobbyist Artist
this is beautiful. May I use your pattern to make my own stained glass piece?
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You go right ahead. While I added some cut-lines, and boxed it in, the image technically belongs to Paramount.
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swingjingleHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I adore this. Geek + Glass = win
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Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun doing the usual SF tropes in SF, but I get a lot of odd looks and questions when I take it all to a "mundane" craft fair.
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I really really enjoy this. I'm a big trekkie. And I love the sun catcher aspect. Great job!
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Thanks! I've been getting so many positive comments on this piece that I'm considering making another.

Thanks for the fave too!
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TrigarProfessional Traditional Artist
Really love your glass choices! Not to mention the way you brought it together!! Your soldering edges look really crisp and clean! Great work!
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We had a really good instructor that had us do soldering exercises so we could get nice clean beads of solder. And everyone loves the blue baroque glass, I should use it more often.
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TrigarProfessional Traditional Artist
Smart teacher! Too many times I see stained glass works with messy soldering and it just ruins the piece. That baroque glass is definitely nice! Needs to be used in more :)
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alexlunaStudent Interface Designer
I am so in love with you right now...
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jjosryoProfessional Artisan Crafter
Beautiful use of baroque glass, a lovely piece. :)
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Thank you! I keep pulling out the baroque, trying to find another piece to use it in. Sadly, nothing yet. Thanks for the second fave!
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