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haven't slept since summer
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oh how I try / I leave the TV on (and the radio, and the radio)

I don't submit ero stuff to DA but dang it, I'm pretty happy with this, design-wise. Put this under a strict Mature filter, so please no griping.

been wanting to do a lot of stylistic experiments lately :]a
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Comments (81)
18thmonster's avatar
So gorgeous!
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MysteryGreenTea's avatar
Love the creative art style of this! <3
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keera-chan's avatar
keera-chan|Hobbyist Writer
I love everything about this, the colors, Amal's expression, where TJ's hands are......everything! It is simply exquisite!
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Robert-Clell-Asher's avatar
Robert-Clell-Asher|Professional General Artist
Very powerful design my friend! I love it!
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KISMET-is-FATE's avatar
KISMET-is-FATE|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is beautiful. I love the blue black and Amal's expression. love.
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NiftyNeko's avatar
NiftyNeko|Professional Filmographer
gorgeous silhouettes. Interesting choice of colors too! A+ all the way
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Belinda92's avatar
Belinda92|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw this picture after I found this song...that matches the image perfectly, because it's so summer-ish, melaconic or whatever, and soothing in a sexy way O.O "Nouvelle Vague-A Forest ( The Cure ) - [link] I suggest you take a look, while looking at the picture you've made..seriously, if I didn't hae a bf who dosen't like this kind of art, i'd buy it and hang it framed on my wall.
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cynath's avatar
I love this! The whole style of it is amazing~
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Mafagafos's avatar
Astonishing! =)

Drawing them with just color blocks gives a damn impact!
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hammie91's avatar
hammie91|Hobbyist General Artist
dear gawd *spazzz*
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Deuil's avatar
sooooo nice
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92monkeys's avatar
This is so sexy and simple and gahh. I love how the lack of detail/suggestion makes it all the more hot. Great color choice too!
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ebony-dreams's avatar just in...I'm in's just....*rambles*
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NaomiKnight17's avatar
NaomiKnight17|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think a small part of my brain just combusted from the amount of erotic beauty it just had to process.

I love this style experiment. It's incredibly expressive for something with such a simple aesthetic. (Also, can't believe I didn't know you were on DA until JUST NOW. Love your stuff!!)
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bigbigtruck's avatar
bigbigtruck|Professional General Artist
Thanks so much <3
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tigerqueen's avatar
tigerqueen|Professional General Artist
more plz. :o I love stylistical silhouette designs... so crisp.
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sad-rosesstock's avatar
Oh, wow! This is beautiful :D I particularly love Amal's bangs. And the hands are lovely, all the stylizing is!
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sad-rosesstock's avatar
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21a88a1's avatar
21a88a1|Hobbyist General Artist
this is really cool, i enjoy the colors and the explicitly non-explicit-ness. if that makes any sense at all.
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monkeyeye's avatar
Tis beautiful! Oh how I enjoy the language of the hands here. And I do enjoy to see the non-internet-stereotypical gay romance deciption that mr Amal and TJ envoke.
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DarienKMarshelly's avatar
DarienKMarshelly|Hobbyist General Artist
man how much i miss stalking you :heart: :hug:
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tammerztehpwnz's avatar
I really, really like this. I wish I could give you arty reasons why, but I know nothing about art, only what I think looks good, and this is it.
I hope you don't mind that I put it as my desktop background. :)

P.S. I agree that it would make a fantastic poster that I would definitely buy.
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konezumi's avatar
Love this! A new style and it looks fantastic! This would make a kick ass poster.
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fey-janeward's avatar
I would purchase the living daylights out of a poster of this, just so you know. It's beautiful.
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