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Conventions are just awesome

I went to AFest
and worked the weekend through
Then I came home and
I had the stomach flu
I hope my new friends
didn't catch it too
boom de yada boom de yada
boom de yada boom de yada

(Moving to scraps soon.)
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Ronwyn-Black-Shinobi's avatar
Haha! This is SO being made into a video for Sakura con 2013!
Five75Haiku's avatar
I am totally dancing to the Boom de Yada song in my head while sitting on my couch. And now I has a happy.
Chromagia's avatar
I just about peed my pants.

Oh my god.
Thatonegirludontknow's avatar
best song in the world. this is so creative.
ChibiVegtables's avatar
This makes me laugh~ :D
hilariousconsequence's avatar
Oh gosh this is just hilarious. I'm going to sing this to all of my friends.
faqundo's avatar
i love this comercial of discovery
SweetAppleTea's avatar
This is what conventions are all about.
TheRavine's avatar
:noes: I'm going to be humming this all day tomorrow
chocolate-squirrel's avatar
Oh wow. Very creative! (:

Hope the con was good to you!
MyVampyreNightshade's avatar
Oh my good that's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day >_<;

... heehee, I love Axel's face x3
JRcomix's avatar
I actually didn't recognize this song untill i got to "boom de ada" XDDD

sheepsheepe's avatar
i love this haha
that song is so catchy D:
MarianaSama's avatar
EPIC. SO EPIC. makes me want to make one too XD
LightwarriorZ's avatar
Hey! This is the Discovery Channel's Theme song isn't it?
CarrahJM's avatar just epic.

Quick question though, could I have your permission to use the lyrics (of course giving due credit to the artist) to turn this song in an actual video at A-kon this year? I've wanted to make a Boom De Yada cosplay video for so long, but I'm completely inept at lyric writing xD

If so, I'd love to track you down so you could sing a line as well ^ ^
bigbigtruck's avatar
Sure! I'd love to hear it /see the video. I can't be at A-kon, but am sending you good luck vibes :D
CarrahJM's avatar
Thanks! I'll use those vibes to make an awesome video of your work ^ ^
Sasha2999's avatar
LOL wow this is so awesome
Kin-Inu's avatar
he he this is funny. I like it a lot.
Youkai-Yoko's avatar
texas A-fest??!!


if so ILU...

o u o
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