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Happy Holidays guys :)
Have a cute Neko as a present ;)
Other content coming along a bit slowly but its all comics at the moment so it takes more time.
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I need a girl like her

Grumplesnart's avatar

definitely my favorite piece, also loved the video ;)

sandro102's avatar

Thank's for this! such a master piece

boi243's avatar

Listening to "Change" from steven universe when i came across this

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BIGBIG-on-DAProfessional Digital Artist

Then you realized there is no changing it.

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i can make a promise

i can make a plan

i can make a difference

i can take a stand

i can make an effort

i i only understaa-a-aand

that I, I can make a change

Listen to me spinel

i understand

after everything you've been through,

you must be in a lot of pain!

Spinel: no, no! you don't understand!

you can't change the way i feel!

That's right! only you can!

[about 5 seconds of steven getting yeeted]

You can make it different

you can make it right

you can make it better

we don't have to fight!

you can make an effort

starting with toni-i-i-iight

cause yo-oou

you can make a change

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Irresponsible scientist

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We need more of Mako, shes soooo adorable!!
Danieltixipoxylok's avatar
It must be so hot to have little people all stuffed and gently moving in your belly
paswor's avatar
Could be another part of this?
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macguffin78Hobbyist Digital Artist
So awsesome!  I love the catgirl/mouse theme!  Thanks for creating and posting this incredible piece!
Turbotowns2's avatar
Turbotowns2Hobbyist General Artist
Huh. XD
Your stuff isn't usually this cute. XD
Yourawizzardboi's avatar

For every cat girl that exists there are cats with human ears

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TheUltimateDong420Hobbyist General Artist

Biiiiiig Kitty

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CatofShadows16Hobbyist Digital Artist

OH MY GOSH! I was there for the stream where you showed the sketch of this character, I absolutely ADORE her!! <33

wanderingspirit133's avatar
This is amazing! Is there more of her?
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BIGBIG-on-DAProfessional Digital Artist
This is my first picture with her.
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Frankly, on a scale of 1/10, I'd love to see more of her. Especially in a lens of 'before/after' digestion, belly/fab wise here. Possible 'empty' belly, before she starts devouring more mice and potential threats/rivals there. And maybe, even 'after full belly rubbing', that's either digestion massage or even lewds/loving.

Either that, or a possible anatomy on the thought of her being constantly full with mice, in a 'digestive track' angle. ;)
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I’m incredibly proud of her! Gonna give her headpats and belly rubs as we curl up on the sofa together in front of the fire 🥰
WEBOWofficial's avatar
I would love to see more of her. <3
rooster1665's avatar
aw what a lovely xmas miracle hehe
she gave them all a home <3
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Ok so you know how wet dreams work? Ok I just had one while awake
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