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Soul Calibur 6 OC: Katsumi Sato by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC: Katsumi Sato :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 3 3 Soul Calibur 6 OC: Death Saber by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC: Death Saber :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 2 3 Soul Calibur 6 OC (Updated): Gunther Adler by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC (Updated): Gunther Adler :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 3 4 Soul Calibur 6 OC: Eduardo Mendez by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC: Eduardo Mendez :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 4 0 Soul Calibur 6 OC: Sander Amgelos by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC: Sander Amgelos :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 5 3 Soul Calibur 6 OC: Gunther Adler by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC: Gunther Adler :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 6 3 Soul Calibur Close Up: Victor Bonfils by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur Close Up: Victor Bonfils :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 5 2 Soul Calibur 6 OC: Travis Jaeger by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC: Travis Jaeger :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 8 3 Soul Calibur 6 OC: Helen Angelos by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC: Helen Angelos :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 4 0 Soul Calibur 6 OC: Victor Bonfils by BigBadBroly Soul Calibur 6 OC: Victor Bonfils :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 7 3 New Begining 2019! by BigBadBroly New Begining 2019! :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 11 3 Master of Mimicry  by BigBadBroly Master of Mimicry :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 7 3 The Special Guests 2 by BigBadBroly The Special Guests 2 :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 7 5 The One Who Demons Fear by BigBadBroly The One Who Demons Fear :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 12 3 God of Fighting by BigBadBroly God of Fighting :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 4 2 The Groovy Dance Man by BigBadBroly The Groovy Dance Man :iconbigbadbroly:BigBadBroly 8 0


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Soul Calibur 6 OC: Katsumi Sato
Name: Katsumi Sato
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Feb 15th
Birthplace: Nagoya, Japan
Age: 27
Bloodtype: O
Weapons: Katana

Backstory: Born to a family of merchants, Katsumi Sato, dreamt of becoming a samurai to keep peace in his homeland. His father, Ryusei Sato, who was a samurai, died at the age of thirty seven by the hand of Nobunaga Oda's army. Katsumi set out to join the military at the age of seventeen and make a name for himself to become a general, he was put through very harsh trials and was ultimately accepted. He was trained and befriended by a man named Ryu Yanagi, a high ranking samurai, he tought Katsumi the code of the samurai and he was impressed in every by the young man's willingness to succeed. After five years of training and completing mutiple missions, Katsumi was now second in command of Yanagi's unit, he was ready to take on an assignment made by the emperor himself and assignment was, to retrieve Soul Edge. However, Yanagi returned to the head quarters, badly burnt and unable to take on the mission, Katsumi was placed as temporary leader as soon as Yanagi recovers. One night, Katsumi and his men were asleep and heard some noise, one solider walked to go check it out, but he was sliced in half head. Katsumi took stance and was ready to fight whatever was attacking his men, but the unknown figure took them out without hesitation, Katsumi was badly injured but he was able to see the figure, it was covered in dirty bandages, wore black clothing, and a Hanya mask. After the attack, Katsumi returned to the head quarters and told his generals that he failed the mission and was attacked, but they did not take this lightly and banished Katsumi. Before he left, Katsumi looked inside of the room Yanagi was in to see if he was there, by his surprise he was gone. Now a ronin, Katsumi had his own mission to avenge his fallen comrades and take down his former master and friend, Yanagi.
Soul Calibur 6 OC: Death Saber
Name: Death Saber
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Bloodtype: Unknown
Weapons: Giant Saber

Backstory: A few months ago there were rumors that a demon appeared in the middle of nowhere. The figure was wearing dark crimson armor with wings protruding from his back along with a demonic helmet. A few months he was just standing without even moving a muscle, some believed that this man died while standing, a days later he began to move with murderus intent and went from village to village annihilating anyone who stands in his way. People were dubbing this monster "Death Saber", because of the giant saber it carries around, some others call him "Nightmare Reborn". Death Saber, walking in a dense forest, saw two people, a man named Victor Bonfils and a girl named Helen Angelos, following a path a near by kingdom. Not hesitating, he attacked them and proved too strong, however he was hit by Victor's Igni making Death Saber fall on one knee, the two of them quickly left the dark crimson warrior behind. Feeling like he was cut from victory, Death Saber decided to make Victor his target. It is unknown what kind of sick, twisted things lay within that crimson helemt.
(He is like the Mr X in my story and Happy Valentines day everyone! 😄)
Soul Calibur 6 OC: Eduardo Mendez
Name: Eduardo Mendez
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Feb, 1st
Birthplace: Navarre, Spain
Age: 20
Bloodtype: A
Weapons: Rapier

Backstory: Born to a rich family of nobles, Eduardo Mendez was the youngest son of five sisters. In his youth he always had his servants do many things for him, like changing his clothes for him, he was often mocked by his sisters for being too reliant on others to do his work for him. One day his father was practicing with a sword that one of the french leaders gave to him, being interested in his movements, Eduardo wanted to practice how to use the rapier. At the age of seventeen Eduardo started practicing the rapier by himself, without the assistance of his servants, but his world would fall by finding his beautiful mother on the floor dead with a knife in her hand covered in a pool of blood. A few years later Eduardo, holding a picture of his mother and him when he was four, heard a voice whispering into his ear, it was his mother telling him that his family made her kill herself. Listening to the sweet words, Eduardo denied this while smashing the mirror that was in front of him into pieces, with his hand covered in blood, he painted his lips red and remember his mother's beautiful face. With a twisted grin, Eduardo said "I will make this world beautiful, just as I see fit" believing that it was all his families fault for his kother's suicide, he took his rapier and went on a rampage, killing his father and his five sisters. Eduardo, now twenty, with his sanity gone slowly breaking, he was surrounded by beautiful women that he made his personal servants and always looking at himself in the mirror, "I am beautiful" is what Eduardo said to himself everytime.
(I based him off of Juda from Fist of The North Star, and slight spoilers he is one of the antagonist in my up coming story. Soul Calibur 6: Alternative, and I hate to spoiling things)
Soul Calibur 6 OC: Sander Amgelos
Name: Sander Angelos
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Jan, 28th
Birthplace: Athens, Greece
Age: 27
Bloodtype: A
Weapons: Wooden Club (practice great sword)

Backstory: Sander Angelos, first son of the Angelos family and elder brother of Helen Angelos. A few years after his nine year old sister, Helen, left to train in China, thirteen year old Sander, decided to train himself on how to use weapons and not just regular weapons, but weapons bigger then himself. Intrested in joining the army, Sander trained his body to gain upper body strength to lift up the one weapon he wants to use in battle, a great sword, a very destructive weapon that hold a lot of power in battle, but at the cost of not using a shield for defense due to it enormous size and having to hold it with two hands. Not worried about his lack of defence, Sander trained himself anyway, practicing with a massive wooden club, to emulate a great sword, he later learnt how to hold the giant club with one hand with no negative effects. At the age of thirty-two, Sander signed up for the army and left for the orientation, to prove his worth to the officials, however, Sander did not show up to the orientation, one of his future head generals was concerned and left a note at his families home. Sander was missing and is the why Helen left home to find him. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


BigBadBroly's Profile Picture
Nicholas "Nick" Brown
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I was born on June 24, 1998 so I'm 20 years old. I was born prematurely in fact I was so small my hand couldn't wrap around my dad's pinky finger, thus I had to be transferred from 4 hospitals (at least that's what I think?), so god blessed me with living a healthy life after that. I'm also half Filipino which means that the food we make is awesome. But I'm really into cooking, art, anime, and fighting games like Tekken, Dead or Alive, and Street Fighter!

Console: Xbox One, Ps4 (Coming Soon)

Favorite Character of all time: King

Favorite Tekken Characters: King, Armor King, Craig Marduk, Julia Chang/Jaycee, Bruce Irvin, Steve Fox, Bryan Fury, Miguel Rojo, Jin Kazama, Marshell Law, Forest Law, Lars Alexsanderaon, Lee Choalan, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, Leo Kliesen, and Feng Wei.

Favorite Dead or Alive Characters: Mila, Kasumi, Honoka, Tina Armstrong, Hitomi, Marie Rose, Kokoro, Momiji, Ryu Hayabusa, Hayate, Ein, Zack, Helena Douglas, Phase 4, Ayane, Jann Lee, and Leifang.

Favorite Street Fighter Characters: Dudley, Cody, Evil Ryu, Sagat, Guile, Dee Jay, Ryu, Rolento, Zangief, Akuma, M. Bison, Vega, and Sakura Kasugano.

Favorite Foods: Beef steak, Adobo, Lumpia, Cassava Cake, Pancit, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Shrimp, Tacos, Green Beans, Bananas, and Rice.

Favorite Band: Pierce the Veil, Flow, Queens, Paramore, and Linkin Park.


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