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[Link!!!] :headbang:

Very different from my other work but I love it!
It was inspired by freaky characters from «Snakeskin» series by *FlexDreams :boogie:

:fingerscrossed: :pray:

Close-up [link]

I permit all my clubs to post this picture in their galleries.
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What you did well:
You captured the mood very well.
The red pops against the unsaturated colors.
I love how saturated the nipples are against the desaturated skin.
Love the skin. You captured it very well.

What needs improvement:
I would have gone a little less saturated on the red on her eyes. About the same intensity of her nipples. It would look more realistic like the redness is in her skin instead of on her skin.
The nipples don't seem to be positioned correctly. They should poke out 45 degrees from her collar bone.
Her arms seem a little off as well. She seems to be missing elbows. Her elbows should be right at the bottom of her rib cage.

Overall, very well done. It looks like you need to work on anatomy more to capture proportions and placement.

Keep up the good work!