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I haven't painted in 6 months and I think it shows :lol:

Stock: DreamsTime / Shutterstock

Thanks for looking =)
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I'm not an artist. I just lurk here. But I saw this and wanted to respond. Why not critique? So, here it goes. Take this all with a grain of salty blood.

What I like: It is as if we are looking through a blurry lens and disturbing this wonderful creature during a private moment. Very intimate and, indeed, surreal.

What I don't like: Her expression and the lens idea (if it was not your intention to suggest a lens, then please disregard). This is titled Aquarium. So, the idea is that she is on display. She must be accustomed to folks looking at her, to disregard her sense of herself and her dignity for our (or her owner's) pleasure. I would think that at this time in her life, when she is about to birth a child, she would be angry or, at least, indignant at our invasion. I want her not just to stare back at us with a neutral expression and the merest suggestion of modest (hand over breast), but I want her baring her teeth or, at least, frowning at our indiscretion.

Also, if I'm correct about the lens, I think it would be better it you made it look as if we were looking through the wall of large aquarium. (Not sure if that was your original intention or not, so, again, disregard if I got that all wrong).

Well, that's what came to mind.

Besides that - great piece.