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Esta fue la ultima vez que visitamos a Ryder
Hacía frío, demasiado frío.

Characters were made using Gachaverse at

Los personajes se hicieron usando Gachaverse en
Feliz cumpleanos Max!
El cumpleaños de Max es fácil de recordar, pero también es una de las matemáticas más difíciles de entender. 31+28+17 = 76 days pero 31+29+17 = 77 Este día 77 es el cumpleaños real de Max.
A veces olvidado
Muchas veces, muchos de nosotros no sabemos de las cosas horribles que suceden por alguna razón u otra.

Characters were made using Gachaverse at

Los personajes se hicieron usando Gachaverse en
red de espias
Apuesto a que te olvidaste de ellos. Six-shiny sun glasses 

Characters were made using Gachaverse at

Los personajes se hicieron usando Gachaverse en
Zero siempre gana
Una vez, Dark desafió a Zero y perdió tanto que la Tierra explotó. Si fuera grabado, esto es lo que verías.

Youtube video:…

Characters were made using Gachaverse at

Los personajes se hicieron usando Gachaverse en


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8 year old Aliva Twister is next, her white dress, white bow on her head and long down hair it can make any judge vote yes for her. She is nervous, it will be her first time singing outside the school and home. The song she be singing is Tua from Jula De Palma, it took Aliva 1 week to remember all the lyrics. Aliva is called on the stage, she waited a few seconds but all the sudden her younger sister push her to the stage. Almost falling down Aliva made a quick recovery, Elena made a thumbs up to Aliva from the curtains, the same spot she was moments ago. Quickly Aliva took a deep breath and began singing. Many kids would have a hard time putting the voice in but not Aliva, she perfectly sang the song like she was the real Jula De Palma. The score is perfect 100, Aliva made it to the finals. She got off the stage and went to see Elena, “Well congrats on your win.” shyly said Elena. Pushing her older sister is never a good idea, however it worked so Elena is glad it happen.

“Why did you push me, I almost fell.” asked Aliva, “It's because you were slow, you can't be a superstar if you slow.” reply Elena. “Anyway let’s go back home, school starts tomorrow.” suggested Aliva, “Wait what about the contest, the finals are also tomorrow and you got the tickets.” worry Elena, knowing full well that Aliva might not return to join the finals. “I didn't do it to win, I did it because I wanted too thats all.” said Aliva, however deep down she does want to join the finals and beat everyone. Elena took 1 ticket in hopes to see a way into getting Aliva to join, the times they were to meet is after school. “Yes I knew it, the time is after school, thank goodness our hard work will be for nothing.” cheer Elena. “O.K ya the time is after school but the city is far away.” said Aliva, they travel to the city for 2 hours and barely made it to the contest. “Let's asked daddy if he will drive us here.” reply Elena, he is a push over for working hard but when it comes to his little girls he will do anything for them.

Aliva might as well do it, she wants to beat everyone after all, “O.K let’s asked daddy.” answered Aliva. Elena jump in joy for doing the impossible, if only getting a cookie from mom was that easy. They left the city minutes later and went home to mom cleaning the house with the noisy vacuum cleaner. She turn it off, “So how did everything go?” asked mom, “Aliva is in the finals and I helped” said Elena, her goal today is a cookie for that is the reason she push Aliva. “Thats very nice of you to do so.” smile mom, “Thats that mean I can get a cookie.” asked Elena. “No you have to do more than take her to town.” reply mom, Elena wanted the cookie but mom is right. “When daddy coming home, we need help on getting to the city.” said Aliva, her dad comes around 9pm or 8pm but other times 7pm or 5pm.

“He should be back home at… 8pm” reply mom, “Why you need help?”. They only own one car, it’s a nice car with air condition build in. “The finals is after school and the city is far away, so we need the car to drive to the city.” answered Aliva, she is mostly glad to ride the car as they rarely never get to ride it. “Oh thats right your homework, have you finish it?” asked mom, both girls forgot about it. “We forgot…” answer Elena, they ran to their room to finish it. “It's your fault we forgot.” said Aliva, “No I just umm… o.k it's my fault.” reply Elena. It's true, all the things that happen to get Aliva to win was all done with the help of her younger sister.

Morning rise with no rain in the forecast but they still have to bring it. “Hey a nice day, don't talk to strangers.” smile mom, the school wasn't far for them, it still worries her to see them walking alone. Anemia is what's keeping her from getting a job and picking up the kids from school. She is glad Aliva and Elena didn't get it, however they could have it without them even knowing it.

As the girls were walking down then saw a boy like the same age wearing a robe with wings on his back. They talk after he was long gone, “What do you think happen to him, he seems mad.” asked Elena. “I think he got pranked by the other boys.” answer Aliva, “Oh so thats what they were talking about.” said Elena, the boys in their school did set up a prank but Elena couldn't find out more because the bell ring. “I thought it was on the chalkboard, oh well.” reply Elena, she was certain that it was the chalkboard. On arriving to school the prank did happen on the chalkboard, it show a stick figure that represents the teacher fighting a slime monster. A huge line show what happen next, the stick figure got eaten by the slime monster.

“I don’t get it” said Aliva, “Me too.” reply Elena, they sat on their assign desk to wait for their friends. They only knew them for 2 years, it was also because of them that Aliva join the contest. Elena help convince them to get Aliva to join the contest, they wanted to form a rock band. Aliva the voice actor, Elena the drummer, and the other 2 will be guitar soloist. One big problem is that they don't have interments, so with Aliva help she could win the $1000 grand prize and buy the equipment. Vittoria show up first, she wearing a sweater in the middle of spring, her hair tie and striped skirt is the only thing keeping her cool.

“Vittoria, it's too hot outside why did you bring a sweater?” asked Elena, “My mom made me…” answer Vittoria. “She believes that it's going to be cold today but that was only for southend of Italy.” said Vittoria, her mother wasn't good with technology. Jemma ran in and sat next to Vittoria, “You too?!” Aliva is shocked to see almost everyone in sweaters, maybe it's a fashion thing. “It's not really a sweater, this is my lucky long sleeve shirt.” reply Jemma, she thinks it's lucky from the no homework, test redo, and one free extra cookie. “Oh thats right we be cheering you on to win.” said Vittoria, her dream of getting a guitar is almost real.

* * * *

Dark’s plan on killing the unknowns is simple but finding them is a whole lot harder without using his powers. To make matters worst he and invisible unknown are lost in Italy, “If i’m right there should be one unknown in each major country.” spoke Dark. In his time on earth he has encounter 6 unknowns and it keeps going. The only thing that is similar to everyone is where they are born, it is not possible for many unknowns to live in one planet. “You know, I really don’t care, let's summon up a dog to do the hard work for us.” suggested Dark. He rip apart space to have a dog come out from it. “Now as your master, find me a unknown, anyone is fine.” ask Dark, the dog obey as he started to track the air and ground. In no one the dog found 2, not far to where they are now. “Good it found something.” said Dark, they follow the dog to a talent show for young singers.

“Unknown of music, yes one of the most annoying unknowns is ready to be killed.” smile dark, in the past it was music that always stops Dark. The only way to counter it was to not hear it, however that only works if the music is sound and not a physical wind damaging attack. Dark is stopped by a man that is doing his job on not letting pets inside. “Sorry no dogs allowed.” answer the man in italian language. It’s then when Dark forgot something, he wouldn't be able to talk to everyone without his powers. However that didn't stop him from pass the door with his dog, he made the dog bark which then made the men is scare of the dog.

Dark is inside with other kids and parents, on the 4th row Aliva’s friends, Elena and her dad. The dog pointed his right paw to Elena, Dark thought it's a mistake but again he understands that there could be twins brothers or sisters unknowns. “Interesting, two unknowns.” quietly spoke Dark, he can’t mess this chance. As the singers perform, Dark made a trap with invisible unknown help, the plan is to fire invisible gun shots as well as rockets. Once the dog pointed to the unknown he will instantly fire even if other people get hurt or killed. Elena did not like the look at Dark face at the last back of the row, almost as if he could kill someone with the dog. “Hey look, Aliva is next” said Vittoria, Aliva walk on to the stage and started singing way before the dog pointed at her.

Unknowingly to Aliva, she made a battlefield with only Dark inside. “What?! so soon!” shouted Dark, it was a surprise to see her made a battlefield in her early life. Aliva open her eyes to find herself in a weird world that has flying notes in the sky, soft cut grass in a open field, and soft warm wind. A dream that almost made her cry but Dark stopped her daydreaming has he shouted “You! will not beat me!”. Dark rip the space around him to open a never ending missile attack, Aliva scream and cover her head. The missiles hit but Aliva is protected by a force field, Dark saw that it didn't work so he got out the same rock monster from Noui and Angel encounter. Aliva is confuse on what's going on but she feels like he mustn't win. Singing got her to this so she thought she would sing her way out.

As she sings a rock music, the whole field change again into a screaming army of fans, with dark clouds, and the land filled with ash as the stage is in the middle of a volcano. Dark stopped firing the rockets when it can no longer hit her, the rock monster is facing another monster that is 2 times bigger. “This is madness!” said Dark, he is being drag around by the fans from one place to another until he knew where they are talking him. The volcano as a offering to Aliva, the queen of rock. Dark did not wanted to be an offering she he flew high sky, he knows that there is a limit to how big a battlefield can be. It took 2 minutes but he got out and hit the wall that leads to an exit.

Invisible unknown left his post, all the stuff Dark made is gone. They made a quick getaway to the park, invisible unknown wonders what happen to Dark. On Aliva side she stopped singing when Dark flew to the sky but wanted to return home so she sing a song about returning home. In 2 mintues she return to the stage. Everyone cheer, they never heard such a song before, the song of her own work made everyone cry. All the judges agree that Aliva should be crowned the winner right then and there. A huge applause happen when she got her awards, they also announce 2th, 3th and 4th after the last contestant had a chance.

“I knew you were holding back, it sounded like… I don’t know… the master.” said Elena, she could cry again but is trying not to look sad at her sister. Aliva is confuse, so many things change but not much has been seen. As they were heading back back to the car another strange event happen, this time everything turn purplish write. “Oh no not again…” sigh Aliva as she waits for the boy to come. Noui appears saying “Wait hold on i’m not the bad guy.”, Aliva hold off on her singing. “The name is Noui, we are both unknowns.” explain Noui, “Unknowns? what's that?” ask Aliva. “In simple terms it's like being a superhero.” told Noui “You got them when you were born, thats where the old catchphrase ‘you were born to sing’ came from”.

Aliva does not know what to say other than, “Fine but what's going on?”. “Oh right the battlefield and Dark trying to kill you.” said Noui, he can't find anyway to trick her and she seen too much. “Dark is trying to rule the world by trying to kill any unknown that doesn't follow him.” explain Noui, “This thing you see it's a orb but the thing you made is a battlefield, the two are different but to make it easy to understand it gives a place to fight without damaging the whole city.” This made Aliva even want to ask more questions, “Why he wanted to take the world? why was I given this power?”. “Look I can't explain everything yet, you are too young to understand.” said Noui “When you're older i’ll explain why everything is like this o.k?”. The orb field drop as they agree to meet up again in 5 years at the same place outside.

“Hey Aliva stop daydreaming and let’s go!” ask Elena, Aliva looked around to see that she is back home with the same events. In one year became an instant celebrity in Italy then in 2 years she became the first international pop start with the help of social media. Elena has gotten to know Dark and his plan to take over the world. In rare times Elena use her own powers to scare Dark away but she doesn't know what power she has. Noui talk to Elena once in a tour and told the same thing about the events she seen. Both girls were still studying at school until the world tour, in which they had to leave their two friends behind.


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My life is a mystery, whenever I see something I can't but help put it into a game. I am very smart for my age (22), that didn't really help get me anywhere just knowing stuff is not an action to change anything. lastly, why you reading my bio am not going to share personal stuff :p


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