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Final Fantasy: Judgemaster Gabranth

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AC Hernandez as Judge Gabranth

"2nd Tournament of Champions Winner- Team March Omega"

"RCC Champion in AFA Singapore- Team Philippines 2011"

"Silence! All was stripped from me. Only hatred for the brother who fled our homeland remains mine!"
—Judge Gabranth

Judge Gabranth (ジャッジ・ガブラス, Jajji Gaburasu?), born Noah fon Ronsenburg (ノア・フォン・ローゼンバーグ, Noa fon Rōzenbāgu?), is a character in Final Fantasy XII. A major antagonist, he is a Judge Magister, the highest rank possible in the Archadian Empire's military. While he appears to serve the Empire faithfully, a torn and broken man lies behind his lordly façade. He is Basch fon Ronsenburg's twin brother, and is personally responsible for Basch's disgrace and the fall of Dalmasca to Archadian rule. This also makes him a personal enemy of Vaan and Ashe.
A silhouette of Gabranth forms the logo for Final Fantasy XII.

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Ang astig naman niyan kuya. Congrats po :meow:
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