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Two-Face - Civil War Banner

Two-Face/Harvey Dent - Civil War Banner

A few years ago when Marvel Comics did that big "Civil War" storyline they made Captain America & Iron Man Civil War banners like this for people to use on sites they posted on. Everyone went crazy making their own Civil War banners (even doing DC characters LOL) and this is the one I made for Two-Face. I may post some others I did, some of them are pretty funny.

I have always been a fan of super villains (more so then 'super heroes') and rooted for the bad guys in comics and movies. It just always seems cooler and more fun to me to hang out with the super villains if only in my mind.

***Me and others created many of these comic banner mock-ups for many comic bulletin boards. We did so as fans and a tribute to the DC Comics character Two-Face (no rights assumed or claimed on original comic character)***
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Lol!!! :D That's Harvy for ya! :) What did you use to make this? I like it a lot! :)
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Sucks that he got killed off though in shadow of the bat. I also dislike the fact of dick grayson(first robin/nightwing) being the new batman, killing off bruce wayne was a big mistake if you ask me. cool banner though.
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I agree & thanx
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Great work and funny too
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Wow! Very nice! I really like the idea of it.
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