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Merely a couple of Aphorisms
A drop of love in an ocean of evil could bring a tear to the driest of eyes.
The contrast of life's ups and downs are what make it so real, embrace in this for how we interpret it is how we come to be who we are.
The understandability of any given topic is equal or greater than to the ability to relate said topic to another topic already understood.
Joy is a surprise that you can't wait for. Surprise is fear in no more than an instance. Fear is a shock you probably should have seen coming. And shock is joy's evil twin.
A present is the embodiment of the thought of the giver. A reaction is the embodiment of the thought of the receiver. They coexist in like feelings if both thoughts were strong enough to be embodied.
A "Merry Christmas" should come from the heart, because there's no other reason to even say it.
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Sparkling Eyes
Eyes that stare at the ground, never sparkle in the sunlight.
Thinkers that never apply their thoughts don't get anywhere. Thinking is good, but to do nothing but think isn't all too good. If the genius that came up with a design for the nail never actually put his thoughts onto the drawing board, and brought it to life, where would we be now? We would still be in some sort of advanced stone age, due to our ancestor's and our massive use of wood, and wood like materials that still require nails. If the caveman never made the wheel, we probably wouldn't have anything we do now. Without the use of the most basic and primitive tool, farming wouldn't of been able to been more efficient; people couldn't have more specialized jobs; invention wouldn't and couldn't exist. In a huge series of events, our tools evolved from the most primitive tools thinkable: the wheel (ancient Egyptians, and their probable way of building the pyramids, mode of transportation for the cavemen to get their cooler
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Saving the Best for Last
Save the best for last.
It's the saying your mom always told you during dinner throughout your entire childhood, until you realized that broccoli actually isn't good (who knew?). But for those of us who eat the pizza's crust, why wait to eat it last, if it's the least favorable part? Do we feel so much as the "right here, right now" society that it affects our nearly subconscious regular eating programs in that we eat the best first to have the worst for last, leaving a bad taste in our mouth, only to be soothed by an always near by water fountain? Why not put what already is in reverse back to normal? Why not have asparagus before bask in the delicious flavors of your burger or hot dog or pizza hand selected for today's cravings, so that when you go back to your regular doings you can remember the last thing you ate, the one freshest in your tastebud's memory, the one that doesn't need to be washed down by that always near by water fountain? And it doesn't always need to be food, but
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Your Life Passing by your Eyes
Patience takes a lifetime to master.
If people say that life is short, so they should make the best of it, then why do moments seem to last so long and then seem so short after it's over? Why do people learn to be patient? If you're waiting in line, why not pay someone ten bucks to wait for you while you go base jump a skyscraper? Why do people stare out the bus while going through town to pick up groceries, instead of listen to music, or help an old lady getting off the bus? And most importantly, why does life seem so short, when it really is so long?
Well really, life isn't quite so long. Sure, the world could change a lot in 90 or so years, but it could change a whole lot more in 2,000. The whole Jesus Christ thing, Da Vinci, Rome, Ancient Greece, The Great Schism,  The Reformation,  The Counter-Reformation,  Islam,  China,  India,  Japan's late growth spurt, and so on the list continues, until you covered the library's enc
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For whoever's not the best.
Why complain about not being the best at anything? It's painfully obvious that you aren't the best at anything, and statistics will stand by me with this. The odds of any random person being the best at anything is equivalent to as many things there are to be the best at, divided by the world population, now about 6.5 billion. So I'd guess that the probability that you'd be the best at something would be around 1 in, oh I don't know, maybe a million. And that's assuming that there are 6,500 things able to be considered possible to be the best at. So that means that out of 1 million people in the world, odds are that you're not going to be that lucky person to be the best at something. Stop whining about not doing anything because you're not the best. From the guesswork above, that means that slightly over 99% of the world population wasn't destined to be the best either, and it appears that most of them are just fine with not being the best, and some of them don't even want to be the b
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Similarities between Cultures
Most people are mostly like most people, wherever you go.
The human nature is the human nature, and similarities exist between largely differing countries because people grow up differently in the same way no matter where you go.
In other words, people will grow up differently; babies will grow up to be goths, jocks, emos, girly girls, tomboys, or other to be in other groups, all in their culture's equivalent of every one else's culture (or for the megalomanical, self centered portion of the population, our own culture's) of the goth, jock, emo, girly girl, tomboy, or other groups. This includes their interests, whether it is being lazy and watching t.v. all day, playing sports (or being a jock), playing video games,  bleeding your ears out with volume 11 heavy  metal music into a hearing disability, or just bleeding yourself away to stop the pain (doesn't sound too bright out of the mouth of another does it, you stupid emos?). The human nature is "set in stone" as
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Hey everyone again

I've been thinking and enjoy doing Fraktur here, however I don't know enough German phrases to do very many, which is a quick google search away, but doing signatures is what I'm beginning to like most. And considering I only have one name to do a signature with, I was hoping people could comment on this Journal with names they might like to see in a soon to come Deviation. I really ask no nick names or profile names or the such, actual names that you might go by in person. i.e. John Smith, Christina Thompson, etc.

So if you want your name or the name of a friend or someone else written in Fraktur, please comment.

And in other news, after my graduation, I've gotten quite some money to help me out, and I'm getting some new computer parts: graphics card, keyboard, speakers, and my dad is taking me out pretty soon so we can look at getting me a new laptop to help with college. With any luck, I'll find a nice one that works well and has a touch screen (those are the ones I've adored most) so it may become easier for me to do these upcoming signatures before college becomes a top priority. (I know I'm looking far ahead into the future, but still, I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss these days when my to do list for the day is to sort my laundry then mow the back yard.

And one more thing, it is entirely possible for me to change the colors of my signatures. I am of considerable talent with Java and my current skills allow me to take my current black versus white to rainbow signature (or whatever color(s) you want it to be) on requested background color/picture. I am also looking into using Java to smooth out the edges on the signatures so it looks much better.

Tell me what you think.


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