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If anyone here has been keeping up with my journals, then you'll know that last weekend (30th of August to 1st of September) was the Wolf's Bane convention, hosted by Rogue Events. You'll also know that i'm a member of staff for Rogue & work the conventions. Because I was a little out of the loop, I had no idea that Wolf's Bane was the first ever convention for Teen Wolf! The TV series, not the movie! lol As such, I was in for a big surprise!.. The guests we had had were fantastic! They really engaged the attendee's, gave them plenty of their time & tried to answer as many of their questions as possible. They really appeared to be enjoying themselves as well. They gave some of the best panels i've seen & were really at home with the attendee's :)
Even though I was pretty busy, I still had a lot of fun. I was helping the tech guys (sound & lighting) for the most part over the weekend... but I still got whisked off to do some PA'ing, helping with the auto room, photo ops & various other duties... I even helped a little with the quiz! lol :)

Below are my photo op's... you can also find them in my Wolf's Bane folder, here on dA, with a brief description to every picture :)

As ever, I got to meet some great people again (guests & attendee's) over the weekend, &  i'm really looking forward to WB2 next year. We'll be at a much bigger venue, so i'm anticipating additional guests & three times as many attendee's :)

Watch this space!!! :D

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