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A lot of you reading this from Sig Labs will be aware that my activity has been vastly reduced on site. The reason being, i've been spending a lot of time with my family on the lead up to Stu's inquest. I realise that may sound a little selfish, but I really didn't want to get distracted or bogged down with issues that might lessen my concentration on somthing that was so very important to us all as a family. So, i've just limited my time to facebook, where my sister spends a fair amount of time.

For the purposes of those on facebook & Sig Labs (i'll be linking this blog on there & Sig labs), i'll give a brief outline of the findings & conclusion of the inquest for those that might like to know. However, I will not be going into great detail, as I feel it's not my place to divulge information that my sister & Stu's family may not want broadcast. There is also a question of possible further action being taken, but I am not going to discuss that. For those of you on facebook reading this, I suggest you contact my sister directly if you'd like to know more. For those of you on SL & dA, you can pm me directly, where i can enlighten you a little more on the details.

So... the conclusion of the investigating Coroner was, that Stu died of Marfans Syndrome (… ) Which ultimately resulted in a thoracic aortic dissection (… ). That's the bottom line.

However... Many concerns have been raised by the Coroner, all of which she has ordered to be investigated thoroughly.

This is really all I have to say about this, & all that I can say at the moment. I will update with future blogs, as I am able to :)

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You have to be there for those that are important to you.

Take care of yourself and your family.

Though, remember that we are here if you need us :D

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Thanks very much Fredd... i'll be back in an official capacity as soon as humanly possible... but I do have a convention to work, this coming weekend... so it's going to be a good few days yet! lol :)
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just take care. you're doing a great thing to focus on them. dont let anyone tell you otherwise. cuz id have to give them the ole one two.
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It's going as well as can be expected at the moment. As well as the inquest to deal with, we've been doing the final move on moving my sister back in. Unfortunately, her & Stu had a lot of stuff; a lot of which has gone into storage. So i'm still pretty busy moving the house around so we can fit everything in. Lots & lots still to do! :)

& cheers EOL :)
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it doesnt sound selfish at all mate, i was a tad worried when i saw 'going to court' tho, thankyou for clearing up the confusion and hope all goes well
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No worries mate :)
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