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Here we go again! lol

"What's been going on with you?" I hear you shout! Well... Yesterday I got back from an extended visit to my sister's place. We had a lot of work to do, lots of sorting & packing, & the general stuff you have to do in situations like this. We found a lot of old photographs of when we were all a lot younger (way too embarrassing to share here lol), & lots of surprising things hidden away that we'd forgotten about. We also said goodbye to Stu's GSXR Slingshot... Tracie has given it to Stu's friends to renovate & look after for the years to come. Here are a couple of old pictures of it, for you bike fans out there. (They are not great quality, as I don't have the scanner set up at the moment. When I do, i'll scan them in & edit these pic's out.)

So, we have one or two more weekends at Tracie's, then I guess it'll all be done... a sad ending to a happy chapter of my life, if truth be known.

What else... Well i'm waiting for confirmation to see if i'm working the Teenwolf con (Wolf's Bane). I think I will be... I just need the nod from the boss lol. If anyone reading this is interested in Teenwolf, & you're near London at the end of August, then here's some information for you:…

This will be one of our smaller con's... only four hundred attendees, but it promises to be just as much fun as the bigger events :)

So that's about it for now... I have lots & lots swirling around inside my noodle at the moment, & if I were to try & write it all down, i'd probably be here all night! lol. So i'll just stop it here & try to get my head in gear for somthing a little better soon :)

Oh yeah... I really missed my bike while i was away! Sad, I know! lol

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