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life of pi- Storytelling

The end of Pi's story.
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Basically when pi tells the reporters the real story they didn't believe him because it seemed miraculous even though it was real . Therefore he told them another story that seemed realistic yet in both stories the concept is the same . Just like the concept of how the earth started . If you prefer the tiger story that seemed unbelievable then you believe in God as God is seen as unbelievable but true.  Hug  

I think we humans are too childish, idiotic and narcissistic when we constantly put religion against science. Richard Dawkins is just as blind to the spiritual world as Pope in Rome is for Evolution. I think religious people and atheists are equal so stupid to listen to.                                                   They drown, both of their own ego and both believe man is the most amazing and unique things in the world. ((And none of them are qualified to answer each other's questions.)) Science explain how the world works, religion asks curiously the question: Why is it so? 

We have always shaped God for ourselves, and we scientists are struggling on theories and argue about their alternative answers. I find it ridiculous how often science and religion at war against itself. :( (Sad) 

We humans are violent and self destroying and removing religion would not change that. CURSE YOU! 
And it is very intresting, that while we say 'God is evil' God is good 'God does not exist * = All the while we ourselves are playing gods and destroy each other and the world. It does not matter is God is real or not. If God WAS real, why should God care for us? We almost never care for each other. 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." Bill Watterson 

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it". ~ Roald Dahl
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Bill Watterson, as in the creator of "Calvin and Hobbes"?
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Exactly. The Bill. Bill has never stated directly to his beliefs or religious views. But his cry of human destruction of nature, our lack of joy in natural awakening and introverted view of life, actually speaks that he is a true spiritual philosophy for life and the world.

A bit like South Park
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"Thank you. And so it goes with God."

This is what I can hear Pi saying in my head when I see this. It's a beautiful representation.
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I love the detail of the little cookies under his pillow!
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final is so hilarious and tragic xD poor Pi ;_;

And Richard Parker had gone without any feeling x(
Oh this part in the book mad me laugh so hard.
"Why are we laughing, it wasn't even funny?"
"I don't know, just keep laughing"
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ahaha his cookie and banana stash! I love Mr. Okamoto's expression too!~
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There's all the fixings for a hamburger under his pillow.
I love that book! :) the composition of this picture is really nice, how it gets denser as it goes along. I really like the expressions as well.
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I love this little series of illustrations. They're just awesome.
I read the book last week and loved it.
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best part of the book, despite the algae island ofcourse, i love your illustrations of the book, beautifully done. :)
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Hahaha I love Pi.

"Would you like a cookie?"
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my god, I love this book. One of the most cinematic I've ever read. Your pictures compliment it perfectly!! I've seen all three of them, but I'll comment here because this was the first I saw.
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That man is hiding cookies. No honor.
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I love these works. Will the whole thing be illustrated or were you supposed to do two or three full color?
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We were supposed to pick just three scenes and go from there.
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Well, I wish some day to see the whole thing. IN book form. : )
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