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'Menagerie' Series: Deer

Menagerie” is a show of 10 polygonal animal paintings that I’ve been working on for the last three months. It reconciles my fascination with the natural world and computer game aesthetics.
You can buy a print of this at my etsy shop.
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TheBoyWhoCriedPanda's avatar
love the concept for your animal series, amazing job
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Aaah my graphics class is studying your work mainly this piece I can't believe I found you :')
mkmars's avatar
very intriguing concept and interesting piece. well done!
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This is great. I love it. You're inventive and clever.
The colors on this are amazing! The scenery has a distinct reality despite looking flat and the deer look amazing as well. It's so cool what good shading can do.
limaslush's avatar
Awesome stuff! Definitely reminiscent of low-poly models, or even a sort of 3D pixel art. I really like how you've broken down the forms, and the background is just perfect.
Hoborginc's avatar
This is what "cubism" should have been.
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InkRose98's avatar
These should be in Minecraft XD
Vampyric-Saiyaness's avatar
You are AWESOME!! This is so cool! What a great, original idea!!! And it's beautifully painted!
Topsy-N's avatar
I can't favourite this piece enough times.
nibletchan's avatar
I saw this on Stumble Upon yesterday. Very neat.
xXTekkXx's avatar
Completely Minecraft. XD
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swandog's avatar
Wasn't sure if you knew about this, or if it could be considered "art theft", but you weren't credited for the original concept, which I felt you should have been: [link] :/
Biffno's avatar
Thanks man! I just left a message on the guy's page. Hopefully he'll credit me for the idea! I'm actually a little flattered though!
swandog's avatar
Sure thing; just wanted to give you the heads-up...keep up the awesome work!! <3
Pheelip2010's avatar
Wow, this is absolutely beautiful. Great job on somehow flattening the color. Seems like a very tough thing to do, especially on the grass surfaces and the trees. This will be going in my favorites for sure. Not very often that I find a piece of work that I flat out adore, this is one of them. :) Will def be considering buying a print. :)
Biffno's avatar
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words :)
HowardGlitch's avatar
gotta be the most innovative piece of art i've seen in years. just totally beautiful!
ajarjunkman's avatar
reminds me of minecraft....
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