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Words of the Dearly Departed
To loved ones, and to those who have never known me:
If you must shed tears, let not a single tear be shed without meaning.
Question not your faith or lack thereof, but instead let it carry you through to the morrow and all the rest of your days.
Let there be no blame placed upon innocent minds and hearts, nor upon ideals which have no voice to raise in their own defense.
Do not think that your life lacks meaning simply because I am no longer here with you. If you feel that you have nothing left, then let your meaning be to carry on and finish what I could not.
And above all else, do not let the darkness of hate and despair shroud you like a thick blanket. Instead, let your heart become the beacon and shine the light of love, honor, and peace upon a world which so desperately needs it.
Carry these words with you always and you shall know happiness in my absence; I look forward to seeing you when our time to be together again comes.
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Death and Time by BibiKirisame Death and Time :iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 3 10 The Little Idio- I mean, Fluff Ball. by BibiKirisame The Little Idio- I mean, Fluff Ball. :iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 4 10 The Sacred Treasure of the Royal Family... by BibiKirisame The Sacred Treasure of the Royal Family... :iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 2 36 DIE, MONSTER! by BibiKirisame DIE, MONSTER! :iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 4 18
Theme #4 - Dark
Theme #4 – Dark
For every light side of a person, there is also a darker and more sinister side.
I am not a vindictive person by nature. However, certain things can bring out a rather vindictive and evil side of me that some individuals would wish they never set eyes on.
This 'evil' side of me has a tendency to do and say things that aren't very nice at all. Mostly that certain individuals should rot in the deepest pits of Hell, be Lucifer's little playtoy, and other things to never be mentioned. I also have a little habit of saying things that, while they are true to what happened, will turn a person against another. I would never do this intentionally, unless a friend ended up becoming an enemy to me.
In this regard, I have been labelled a bitch by many, a demon by some, and heartless by most. And some of these things I do not deny being. I hate the dark side of me, because it is brutally honest. It will tell the situation exactly how it is and exactly how it needs to be seen,
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Theme #3 - Light
What is light? To me, light is the balance to the dark. The balance of good to evil, the pure to the impure.
Everything can have a light side and a dark side. In fact, even I deal with these things. Most of the time, my light side is the quiet, shy little girl hiding in the corner. Afraid to face anything or anyone out of fear of pain, betrayal, and abandonment.
It feels appropriate to say that my life experiences have somewhat made me fear and be wary of people who are new. I only consider those who I get a warm vibe from as a true friend. All others would be considered acquaintances.
How do I get these 'vibes'? The way a person words things, the tone of voice I feel from the way they address certain situations... all of these tie into the vibe I feel from a person. And I had to learn how to gather a 'vibe' of a person from being hurt one too many times. One too many times of having my light nearly extinguished and giving way to the darkness within.
That light is still very dim, but i
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A Poem
I tire of this game of divinity
Not because I am afraid I will lose...
But because I know there is no way for you to win.
You paint me in negatives.
All because I stand up for what is right
And because I refuse to play by rules other than my own.
I have my beliefs
And I choose to stick to them
Knowing that I am hated for it, but I remain righteous.
You are bitter.
You covet the one thing you will never have.
And it will eventually drive you mad.
As for me?
If I am the Devil to you
Then I will play the part of the Devil.
But know that you are not God.
You are nothing more than a child
Who wanted the world and in it became lost.
And when your world collapses around you...
When the veil is pulled and people see you for what you are...
I will be front and center with my eyes on you.
And I will smirk.
Because everything that happened...
YOU were the cause.
:iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 2 2
Mature content
Adrian and Devona Interview :iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 0 0
Bibi's Scars and Birthmark - MEME by BibiKirisame Bibi's Scars and Birthmark - MEME :iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 0 0
Theme #2 - Love
To me, love is something complicated. Not 'chemical composition' or 'mathematical algorithm' kind of complicated. It's rather complicated in the fact that it's simple and complex at the exact same time.
For example: you have a friend who likes a guy. But the guy in question is trying to sort out his own feelings. She's been eyeing him for a solid six months, and when she does get the nerve to ask him out... she learns the hard way that he's not into girls.
That's the complex part of it. The simple knowledge is that love knows no gender, race, belief, or physical ability. Love encompasses everything and everyone. It's this simple complexity that complicates matters.
In my own life... I, too, am feeling the strange pull of the complications of love. By trying to sort my own feelings, I hope to unravel the knot and use the string to find my path (for lack of a better mental image). But untying that knot isn't so simple.
For starters, my situation is a lot more complex. I have three guys v
:iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 1 6
Mature content
Vesania and Michael Interview :iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 1 6
Prize poem ~for Cutie-chu~
The world is a stage...
But my world is similar to a ballroom floor
And all of it's inhabitants are the dancers
But I am one of the best among them.
My dancing partner is my wonderful bocchan
My charge and my prize
While to outsiders, it appears as though he leads
He instead follows me.
We glide along the smooth surface
Amongst the multitude who have gathered here
The dim light in my ballroom is much like human life
And it will fade, as all does, in time
Yet, the outside world keeps moving
Spinning like the dancers on my ballroom floor
So come, bocchan, and let us waltz
This 'night' is forever young...
:iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 2 9
Theme #1 - Introduction
Hmm... let's see, where to begin.
Hello, my name is Celebi (although you can call me Bibi, as well). I'm 23 years old and an aspiring author. I'm also a huge nerd. My favorites can prove that.
I have a love of many fandoms. Going through the list, based on type of media:
-Hetalia: Axis Powers
-Black Butler
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Pandora Hearts
-Tales of Symphonia (OVA)
-D. Gray-Man
-Hellsing (Original and Ultimate)
-Pokemon (the older stuff, although some of the newer stuff is good, too)
-Tenchi Muyo (original)
-Sailor Moon
Video Games
-Legend of Zelda
-Super Smash Bros.
-Tales of Series
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Devil May Cry
-Kingdom Hearts
-Final Fantasy
-Bram Stoker's "Dracula"
-House of Night series
-Harry Potter series
-The Hobbit
-In the Forest of the Night
-The Last Vampire series
-Van Helsing (One of my favorite movies)
-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
I am a sweet person at heart, and I tend
:iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 0 6
Joinception. by BibiKirisame Joinception. :iconbibikirisame:BibiKirisame 1 6
A Story for my Friends
Author's Notes: Walking the path of lonliness... one has a lot of time to sit and think on their past and where they are in their present...sometimes, the lonely tend to think that they were in the right. This is not my case. I know I wronged two people who were once very close to me... this is for them.
The lonely little rabbit walked down the hall of her quite empty castle. It had been a long time since she had walked these very halls, and one of the places she decided to stop and visit was a place she kept for memories. Portraits lined the walls, filled with the very memories of her past. One picture she stopped at brought a smile to her face.
I loved that cat. She was always there for me, through the good times and the bad. Protected me and gave me loads of good advice. I wonder where she is now... and what she's doing with her life.
The rabbit moved down the hall, stopping at another picture, this time of a different person.
Those wings were so pure white... and f
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Yaoi+shonen-ai support stamp by luperus

If you are looking for yaoi/shonen-ai stuff, my favorites gallery is open to your browsing.



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…by :iconnijichan:

1: Put your music player on shuffle.
2: press forward for each question
Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't 
make sense. NO CHEATING! 

1. How are you feeling today?
Bloody Tears [Dawn of Sorrow ver.] (Konami)
Apparently I'm Carmilla? Oh god, someone shoot me now...

2. What is the story of your life?
Ruin Sentinel (Motoi Sakuraba/Dark Souls II]
...There are no words...

3. How do your friends see you?
Solitary Place (Tasogare Frontier & ZUN)
I admit that I am a very solitary and lonely individual, but I was not always this way...

4. How is your life going?
Finale [from Battleblock Theatre]
"beep! beep! beep! RUN!"

5. What song will they play at your funeral?
Zelda Appears (Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ohta, Koji Kondo/Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
...I'll send you a postcard from Hyrule!

6. What is your deep dark secret?
Dark Clock ~ Death Dial (AQUAELIE)
...Don't look behind you. >:3

I tag: :iconmayjasmine: :icontailic: :icongypsy-rae: :iconlightningtopaz: :iconstorm-blue: :iconkirimiziofcourage: :iconcheroshseiphar: (<-- Miez, you have to do it or risk becoming the heir to Captain Fabulous's interior decoration legacy! >:3)
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BibiKirisame's Profile Picture
United States
((Deviation is by the awesome SasoriXAkane. I luff her so much for this pic. Thanks again~!))

I don't give out my real name over the internet, so for those of you who do know... well, you're the privileged ones. For those of you who can figure out what my pen name means... then just know that you're loved. ^_~

My main hobbies are writing fiction and writing biographies for the many characters (read: OVER 100) that I have come up with in roleplay storylines over the years. I do not see myself ever making money off of writing, so it shall stay a hobby. And I sure as hell can't pull a piece of art out of my ass with MY level of skill, so writing it is.

I am currently a college student with aspirations to become an author, writing fiction and poetry in my spare time at this moment in my life. I wish to one day write a novel based on an RP world that was created on the premise of treasure hunting. While the original storyline has died, the tale lives on in my memory, and will become a legend on paper (who am I kidding, I can't even get a poem into the college literary journal, so who in the world would publish what I write?)

I have many loves. Castlevania, Legend of Zelda... I love a GOOD vampire flick (TWILIGHT SUCKS. I WILL NEVER WATCH IT), as well as reading manga and watching anime. I love to roleplay and am NOT afraid to do full on sex scenes if that's what you're into. Oooh, sex. Such a dirty word (and meanwhile the people who are against it *coughconservativescough* actually DO such things and try to make the common people afraid of NATURAL INSTINCT). *ahem*

I enjoy reading and listening to music. In fact, music is a source of inspiration to me, setting the stage for role play and story ideas to bloom forth. I also enjoy taking photos of nature (and I REALLY need a camera), and I plan to make a folder dedicated to nothing but my nature photos in future.

So... yeah. That's pretty much it. ^^;


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