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Ninja Girl Request by bibbigami Ninja Girl Request :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 6 Robot request by bibbigami Robot request :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 16 building by bibbigami building :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0 ball and sidewalk by bibbigami ball and sidewalk :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0 chair by bibbigami chair :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0 windmill by bibbigami windmill :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 2 When jelly attacks my sketch by bibbigami When jelly attacks my sketch :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0 feather fall by bibbigami feather fall :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0 Big Ears by bibbigami Big Ears :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 1 1 worktime doodles by bibbigami worktime doodles :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0
Will you be there if I remind you
Will you say I never did
Will you make me believe the lies you tell me
I've got nothin' left to give
Nothin' left to believe in
You hold me close as you tell me your lies
Your stories turn more believable in my head
So why does it take me by surprise
I know this is how you planned it all to end
You take my hand and tell me lies
You call them truths and mess with my mind
And I try to leave, but face the truth you gave me
"You will never leave as long as you can't resist me"
:iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0
There's graffiti written on the street
People wavin' to folks they'll never meet
In a world where's it's easy to be remembered
Cheaper to be forgotten
In bed
In life
Everything you do has it's own price
Are you a fool to play the game
Are you a winner when they don't even remember your name
Four walls always surroundin' you
Reach as high as the sky, but then you realize
You'll always be stuck on the ground
:iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0
When I Sleep
Fathers Mothers
Sisters Brothers
Torn apart
Eyes slashed out
Are they all game we can shoot down?
Are they all people we care nothing about?
The "aye"s have it?
Division of the house
Padded walls block the street
People struggle to get enough to eat
What is it about life that makes us think we're already dead?
When I am most like myself when I sleep
:iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 2
Heading Home After Shopping
There's children throwing up
The Green Hat Gang
Noticin' what's going on behind a demo game
Spend all my money
Got ice all around me
And I'm not sure if home is where I really am
I'm just lookin' to the sky
Searching for someone
Sick of this game
Just wanna have some fun
While all around me is people dying
And I'm jut waitin' for the day it's all gonna change
Homeless tents fill the shanty towns
And there's graffitied walls everywhere around
:iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0
You'll always be mine by bibbigami You'll always be mine :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 3 j by bibbigami j :iconbibbigami:bibbigami 0 0

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How We Dream
    Study Hall 5th period. I got my Geometry homework done and I was reading House. eyes were so tired...and as I was reading, I could feel my mind fading in and out.
Finally, I laid my head on my open book and closed my eyes. Felt so good. Just fall asleep,
I told myself. Should have went to bed earlier...well, there's 10 minutes left...might as well.
    My mind was on the edge of sleeping and I touched it. Jolt! I twitched like people do
sometimes when they're sleeping and I became mostly awake, although I didn't raise my
head. Uhhh....I twitched....Is this REM sleep....? I asked myself, falling back into a lazy state
of mind. REM sleep is when the human brain is active during sleep, when the body twitches,
and when it book was so comfortable....
    I sat beside Keith, but I couldn't really see him. Kinda blurry for some reason. I was
looking at my computer screen that belongs in my house
:iconmoofishstargirl:Moofishstargirl 1 25



Bibby Valenwind
Tagged by :iconqueentoast:
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1) The tatto I have is of a green and blue skull with yellow teeth
2) I ate orange jello with ketchup in 10th grade to gross out a friend, and have been addicted to it ever since
3) I have a freckle between my toes on my left foot
4) I am allergic to apples
5) I was raised by my five older brothers
6) I collect nice smelling soaps
7) I once wore a skirt just for the hell of it
8) On above day, I recieved 3 free drinks

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